New anti-NAIS bill filed 
March 9, 2007

Just after we sent the last action alert, Representative Rose filed HB 3573.  This bill would repeal HB 1361.  This is a great development in the fight against NAIS!!!  We'll have more information on our website soon, and you can read the bill at

As discussed in the alert, there is a very long road between getting a bill introduced and getting it made into law.  Right now, the law in Texas allows the TAHC to make NAIS mandatory at any time.  So we must get a bill through the House, Senate, and past the Governor's veto that changes the current law. 
The committee substitute of HB 461 and HB 637 would be a big step forward by barring a mandatory program and preventing coercion from being used to force people into it.  HB 3573 goes further by repealing the statute that specifically gave TAHC authority for NAIS.  But even then, the NAIS issue would not be over because the bill does not stop all the problems with NAIS.  In several states, agencies have implemented NAIS through their general powers to protect animal health, and used coercive methods to force people into the program.  We must make sure that does not happen in Texas.  Please urge your legislators to support all the anti-NAIS bills: HB 461, 637, and 3573.
Earlier Action Alert: Information on HB 461:
The House Committee on Agriculture left the committee substitute of HB 461 pending after the hearing on February 27.  Because the bill is pending business, the Committee does not have to hold a second hearing.  Chairman Miller's office has told us that he plans to call for a Committee vote on the bill sometime soon when the Committee members are on the floor. 
Six of the seven members of the House Ag Committee are now authors or co-authors of HB 461: Chairman Miller, Vice-Chair Anderson, and Representatives Aycock, Brown, Gallego, and Heflin.  Nothing is certain until the vote is actually taken, but we're doing well at the Committee stage!  You can read more about HB 461 and get contact information for the Committee members at
What will be next?  The bill will go to the Calendars Committee to be placed on the House Floor Calendar.  Then, the entire House will vote on the bill.  If we win on the House floor, the bill will then go the Senate.  The bill will need a Senate sponsor, and then it will go through the Committee and voting process all over again in the Senate. 
We have 48 Representatives who have signed on as authors or co-authors of HB 461.  This is fantastic!!!  But we still have a long way to go.  Getting a bill made into law is a marathon effort, not a sprint.
Take Action (with new changes)
1)  Look at the list of legislators at the end of this alert.  If your Representative is a co-author of HB 461, send an email saying thank you.  Be sure to put "Thank you for supporting HB 461" in the subject line of the email.  And tell your Representative about the new HB 3573.


2)  If your Representative is not yet a co-author, call, email, or write, asking that he or she sign on to HB 461, 637, and 3573.


3)  Call, write, or email you Senator.  Tell him or her that you want a commitment to support HB 461, 637, and 3573 if they come to the Senate.


Tell your friends and relatives to do the same!



Always be polite.  Explain your views to the staff person or legislator concisely, and ask them for their opinion in return.  Engage them in a dialogue and try to respond to the issues they raise.  Offer to follow-up with more information, which we can provide.  We gain nothing by antagonizing people or being rude, so remember that you can disagree politely!


In-person visits, calls, and faxed or mailed letters are the most effective methods.  If you e-mail your legislator, put what you want in the subject line ("Thank you for supporting HB 461" for example).  Legislators get many, many emails every day!



The tables below include the phone number for each legislator.  If you don't know who your legislator is, go to  Contact your State Representative and Senator about HB 461, 637, and 3573.


If you have any questions, or need materials to respond to your legislator's issues, contact us at or call 866-687-6452.

 Talking Points for Meetings or Calls 
* NAIS is a major issue for me.  It's not just one issue among many, it's an election issue.

* NAIS will hurt Texas' economy:
   o  There has been no cost analysis by USDA or Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC)
   o  Costs of the program include the cost of the tags, hardware, software, time and labor
   o  Many small farmer and ranchers cannot afford these costs
   o  Service providers (veterinarians, feed stores, auction houses, meat processors, etc.) will be harmed when the farmers and ranchers go out of business.
   o  Remaining farmers will pass the costs on to consumers, lowering demand for local foods

* Neither the USDA nor the TAHC has scientific proof show that NAIS will improve disease control:
   o  It does not address the cause, treatment, or transmission of disease, in domestic or wild animals.
   o  It does not significantly improve on current methods for identification and tracking of disease. 

* NAIS is not necessary for the market.  Age- and source-verification is already available through the USDA's Process Verified Program

*  NAIS will not improve food safety
   o  USDA itself has stated that this is not a food safety program
   o  Contamination of food with e. coli and other bacteria occurs at the slaughterhouse or afterwards, while NAIS will stop before that point.

* NAIS will not protect against terrorism.
   o  The microchips chosen by the state can be cloned, destroyed, or infected with computer viruses, and reprogrammed. Any terrorist or thief can use this.
   o  The database of information, created by TAHC and available to USDA, will provide a target for hackers.

* NAIS infringes on people's constitutional rights, including due process, privacy, and religious freedom. 

* USDA states that NAIS is voluntary at the federal level, so there is no "federal mandate" requiring Texas to implement this program

* Other states are also rejecting or limiting NAIS, so Texas will not be disadvantaged by refusing to participate.

 Sample Letter

Dear Representative (or Senator) _______:

I am a _________ (small farmer, consumer of local foods, horse owner, taxpayer. Tell them a little bit about yourself and why you care about this issue). I ask that you support HB 3573, which would repeal the current statute authorizing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).  I also ask that you support the committee substitute version of HB 461, which would limit NAIS to a truly voluntary program in Texas.  Like HB 637, the substitute version of HB 461 includes provisions for: (1) full disclosure; (2) right to withdraw; and (3) no discrimination against people who do not participate in NAIS. 

I am opposed to NAIS because it will impose heavy burdens on our rights and our economy, without providing any real benefits. NAIS is an unprecedented expansion of the government bureaucracy into people's private lives and infringes on our property rights. Neither the US Department of Agriculture nor the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has provided any scientific basis for the claims of improved disease control. Neither agency has done a cost-benefit analysis of the program, either. There are many more effective, less expensive, and less intrusive methods for improving animal health and addressing animal disease.

NAIS will drive many small and medium-size farmers and ranchers out of business and discourage people from owning horses and other livestock as pets, resulting in far-reaching effects on our economy. The only winners in this program are the microchip manufacturers, the associations that will manage the databases, and the government employees. If the federal government ultimately decides to implement NAIS, it can do so - our state should not.

Please support HB 3573 and the committee substitute version of HB 461 by signing as a co-author. These bills are critical to protecting the rights of Texans, the health of our animals, and the health of our economy.

I look forward to your response.  Thank you for your attention to this issue.

Street Address
City, State Zip
Email, if you have it 

Representatives who have authored/co-authored HB 461
Below is a list of Representatives who have authored or co-authored HB 461.  Representative Rose, who authored HB 3573, and Representative Pitts, who co-authored HB 637, are also listed.  Their email address is  You can find their mailing address and local phone numbers at  If your Representative is listed, please send them an email saying "Thank you!"

District Name Austin Phone No. (512)
3 Mark Homer 463-0650
4 Betty Brown 463-0458
5 Bryan Hughes 463-0271
6 Leo Berman 463-0584
8 Byron Cook 463-0730
9 Wayne Christian 463-0556
10 Jim Pitts (co-author on HB 637) 463-0516
11 Chuck Hopson 463-0592
12 Jim McReynolds 463-0490
13 Lois W. Kolkhorst 463-0600
17 Robby Cook 463-0682
18 John Otto 463-0570
19 Mike Hamilton  463-0412
21 Allan Ritter 463-0706
26 Charlie Howard 463-0710
28 John Zerwas 463-0657
29 Mike O'Day 463-0707
31 Ryan Guillen 463-0416
34 Abel Herrero 463-0462
35 Yvonne Toureilles 463-0645
36 Kino Flores 463-0704
40 Aaron Peña 463-0426
41 Veronica Gonzales 463-0578
43 Juan Escobar 463-0666

45 Patrick M. Rose (author of HB 3573) 463-0647
54 Jimmie Aycock 463-0684
56 Charles Anderson 463-0135
58 Rob Orr 463-0538
59 Sid Miller 463-0628
60 Jim Keffer 463-0656
61 Phil King 463-0738
62 Larry Phillips 463-0297
64 Myra Crownover 463-0582
71 Susan King 463-0718
73 Nathan Macias 463-0325
74 Pete Gallego 463-0566
80 Tracy O. King 463-0194
81 G.E. Buddy West 463-0546
83 Delwin Jones 463-0542
85 Joe Heflin 463-0604
94 Diane Patrick 463-0624
105 Linda Harper-Brown 463-0641
117 David Leibowitz 463-0269
126 Patricia Harless 463-0496
127 Joe Crabb 463-0520
132 Bill Callegari 463-0528
133 Jim Murphy 463-0514
138 Dwayne Bohac 463-0727
140 Kevin Bailey 463-0924
144 Robert Talton 463-0460
 Representatives who have NOT yet co-authored an anti-NAIS bill
Below is a list of Representatives who have not yet authored or co-authored an anti-NAIS bill.  Their email address is  You can find their mailing address and local phone numbers at your Representative is listed below, ask him or her to sign on to HB 461, 637, and 3573!

District Name Austin Phone No. (512)
1 Stephen Frost 463-0692
2 Dan Flynn 463-0880
7 Tommy Merritt 463-0750
14 Fred Brown 463-0698
15 Rob Eissler 463-0797
16 Brandon Creighton 463-0726
20 Dan Gattis 463-0309
22 Joe Deshotel 463-0662
23 Craig Eiland 463-0502
24 Larry Taylor 463-0729
25 Dennis Bonnen 463-0564
27 Dora Olivo 463-0494
30 Geanie Morrison 463-0456
32 Juan Garcia 463-0672
33 Solomon Ortiz 463-0484
37 Rene Oliveira 463-0640
38 Eddie Lucio III 463-0606
39 Armando Martinez 463-0530
42 Richard Raymond 463-0558
44 Edmund Kuempel 463-0602
46 Dawnna Dukes 463-0506
47 Valinda Bolton 463-0652
48 Donna Howard 463-0631
49 Elliot Naishtat 463-0668
50 Mark Strama 463-0821
51 Eddie Rodriguez 463-0674
52 Mike Krusee 463-0670
53 Harvey Hilderbran 463-0536
55 Dianne White 463-0630
57 Jim Dunnam 463-0508
63 Tan Parker 463-0688
65 Burt Solomons 463-0478
66 Brian McCall 463-0594
67 Jerry Madden 463-0544
68 Rick Hardcastle 463-0526
69 David Farabee 463-0534
70 Ken Paxton 463-0356
72 Drew Darby 463-0331
75 "Chente" Quintanilla 463-0613
76 Norma Chavez 463-0622
77 Paul Moreno 463-0638
78 Pat Haggerty 463-0728
79 Joe Pickett 463-0596
82 Tom Craddick 463-1000
84 Carl Isett 463-0676
86 John T. Smithee 463-0702
87 David Swinford 463-0470
88 Warren Chisum 463-0736
89 Jodie Laubenberg 463-0186
90 Lon Burnam 463-0740
91 Kelly Hancock 463-0599
92 Todd Smith 463-0522
93 Paula Pierson 463-0562
95 Marc Veasey 463-0716
96 Bill Zedler 463-0374
97 Anna Mowery 463-0608
98 Vicki Truitt 463-0690
99 Charlie Geren 463-0610
100 Terri Hodge 463-0586
101 Thomas Latham 463-0464
102 Tony Goolsby 463-0454
103 Rafael Anchia 463-0746
104 Roberto Alonzo 463-0408
106 Kirk England 463-0694
107 Allen Vaught 463-0244
108 Dan Branch 463-0367
109 Helen Giddings 463-0953
110 Barbara Caraway 463-0664
111 Yvonne Davis 463-0598
112 Fred Hill 463-0486
113 Joe Driver 463-0574
114 Will Hartnett 463-0576
115 Jim Jackson 463-0468
116 Trey Fischer 463-0616
118 Joe Farias 463-0714
119 Robert Puente 463-0452
120 Ruth McClendon 463-0708
121 Joe Straus 463-0686
122 Frank Corte, Jr. 463-0646
123 Michael Villarreal 463-0532
124 Jose Menendez 463-0634
125 Joaquin Castro 463-0669
128 Wayne Smith 463-0733
129 John Davis 463-0734
130 Corbin Van Arsdale 463-0661
131 Alma Allen 463-0744
134 Ellen Cohen 463-0389
135 Gary Elkins 463-0722
136 Beverly Woolley 463-0696
137 Scott Hochberg 463-0492
139 Sylvester Turner  463-0554
141 Senfronia Thompson 463-0720
142 Harold Dutton 463-0510
143 Ana E. Hernandez 463-0614
145 Rick Noriega 463-0732
146 Borris Miles 463-0518
147 Garnet Coleman 463-0524
148 Jessica Farrar 463-0620
149 Hubert Vo 463-0568
150 Debbie Riddle 463-0572

Contact Your Senator
Below is a list of all of the Texas State Senators.  If you don't know who your legislator is, go to   You can find their mailing address and local phone numbers at  Their email address is

District, Name, Austin Phone No. (512)
1 Kevin Eltife 463-0101
2 Bob Deuell 463-0102
3 Robert Nichols 463-0103
4 Tommy Williams 463-0104
5 Steve Ogden 463-0105
6 Mario Gallegos 463-0106
7 Dan Patrick 463-0107
8 Florence Shapiro 463-0108
9 Chris Harris 463-0109
10 Kim Brimer 463-0110
11 Mike Jackson 463-0111
12 Jane Nelson 463-0112
13 Rodney Ellis 463-0113
14 Kirk Watson 463-0114
15 John Whitmire 463-0115
16 John J. Carona 463-0116
17 Kyle Janek 463-0117
18 Glenn Hegar 463-0118
19 Carlos Uresti 463-0119
20 Juan Hinojosa 463-0120
21 Judith Zaffirini 463-0121
22 Kip Averitt 463-0122
23 Royce West 463-0123
24 Troy Fraser 463-0124
25 Jeff Wentworth 463-0125
26 Leticia Van de Putte 463-0126
27 Eddie Lucio 463-0127
28 Robert Duncan 463-0128
29 Eliot Shapleigh 463-0129
30 Craig Estes 463-0130
31 Kel Seliger 463-0131

This is a lot of information!  The key things are:
1)  Contact your State Representative and Senator about HB 461, 637 and 3573.
2)  If you don't know who your legislator is, go to  
3)  If you have any questions, email or call 866-687-6452.
Working together, we can make our voices heard!

Judith McGeary
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

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