NAIS Action Alert Update

Action Alert - May 19, 2006

From: The Liberty Ark Coalition

The vote on Congressman Ron Paulís amendment to the Agriculture Appropriation Bill (H.R.5384) was delayed. It is now scheduled for Monday or Tuesday, May 22 or 23.

We will capture the vote, when it occurs, and report the members who vote on both sides of the issue.

In the mean time, letís continue to contact our representatives and urge them to support the Paul Amendment, and block all funding for the National Animal Identification System. Here, again, are some of the reasons you may wish to use:

A. The program has had no Congressional hearings or debate, nor has there been sufficient input in the rule-making process.

B. The program, as now designed, will be too costly and burdensome for farmers and ranchers.

C. The program invades the privacy of every American who owns even one livestock animal, whether a horse, pet pot-bellied pig, or chicken.

D. NAIS will not protect us against disease or bioterrorism because:

1. it does not address the causes of disease;

2. it does not address how diseases are transmitted;

3. we already have sufficient means of tracking diseases and quarantining; and

4. the recommended technology can be easily reprogrammed, so that it is ineffective against intentional (or even many unintentional) introductions of disease.

E. NAIS will expand the government bureaucracy, at the cost of individuals' rights and the free market.

F. NAIS will raise the cost of food, while not providing any additional food safety.

If you have not signed the support pledge at the Liberty Ark Coalition website, please do so.