Jan. 24, 2006

Dear Power Hour Listeners and Miracle II users:

The Power Hour radio show was notified by Tedco, by letter, which was received on Jan. 24, 2006, that there was an "urgent drug recall" of Miracle II Neutralizer gel and Neutralizer. This recall includes:

1. All liquid Neutralizer including 22oz, gallon, 2x and 3x containers. This does not include the dehydrated Neutralizer purchased
BEFORE Dec. 2005.

2. All Neutralizer Gel is included in this recall including 8 ounce, 22 ounce, gallon and 7x gel.

3. To return the Neutralizer or Gel to TPH that purchased from TPH all persons will need to contact Debbie at: 877-817-9829. You will need to have proof of purchase from TPH and obtain a "return authorization number." A letter with your return authorization number will be sent to you, and a copy of this letter will have to be included in all return shipments.

4. You will only be reimbursed the price of the product. Any shipping costs will not be reimbursed and for this TPH is very sorry.

5. Important note: To return the Neutralizer or Gel to TPH, we are required to notify the FDA of every person for whom we provide this return letter.

The Power Hour apologizes for any inconvenience this recall will cause for you.

The Power Hour was made aware of the FDA concerns on December 6, 2005.
TPH is now selling these products again after receiving word the new shipments are now safe.


The Power Hour