Note: At 6.750 seconds on this clip is where it was run through a noise gate to prove the tone remains the same level and the voice raises and falls. thus showing that this clip has been messed with and also shows spikes on the clip to show the clip had been produced in a studio because it has sound spikes where certain words have been cut from it and pasted together.

This process has just been done using a home studio system but im sure your guys there can check the wav format to see the bit where the guy speaks on the original sample I sent where I sent the whole thing is at a different recording level. on the first sample you want the timing of 00:02:03:420 to compare the two samples. and also you can download the original sample yourself from  thus this eliminates the fact people could say I had messed with the sample in the first place.

Thanks to Jayson in Australia

Click here for clip 1

Click here for clip 2