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New research on Oil of Oregano shows it to be a natural anti-viral agent, one that did not merely kill H5N1 in the lab but “slaughtered it” according to Dr. Cass Ingram as interviewed on radio earlier this month by Dr. Meg Jordan, Ph.D, RN. In Global Medicine Hunter (GMH), Dr. Jordan reported on Dr. Ingram’s latest research into Oil of Oregano as follows: “He shared the groundbreaking research on oil of oregano in the form of Oregacyn P73 Respiratory Support. These capsules are taken 3 times daily and for extreme cases, 2 capsules every 1 to 2 hours. … The P73 didn’t just hinder H5N1’s growth in the lab, it slaughtered it.” And she adds, “Ingram claims he got a call from Vice President Cheney asking him if he stockpiles barrels of the stuff. ‘I don’t stockpile oil—that’s your job,’ was the doctor’s blunt response. … The research is expected to be published soon in the Journal of Antiviral Research.” Caveat: “Ingram noted that this is not just any oil of oregano, but a super strength form. ‘Plus it took 25 doses for the slaughtering to occur…H5N1 is one tough bug.’”

Dr. Jordan relates she just returned from the TIME Global Health Summit where she “heard from experts at WHO and CDC, along with scientists and health ministers from around the world. The general agreement was that the Bush avian bird flu plan of supplying 20 millions vaccine shots (when and if one is developed) was ‘too little, too late.’ … Dr. Irwin Redlener, director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness said the country's waiting so long to address the threat of an avian flu pandemic is the ‘biological equivalent of not fixing the levees’ in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina struck. … Another virology expert said that ‘Tamiflu will be worthless in no time; don’t bother stockpiling it.’ Most of Big Pharma present confided that flu vaccine has not been an attractive endeavor due to low profit margins; the number of companies producing flu vaccine has plummeted in the last five years, according to Wall St Journal (11//8/05).

With all that doom and gloom, Dr. Jordan concludes, the best course of action may be the simplest: “use common sense: avoid crowds, wash your hands as if you had a case of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and go with the oil of oregano antiviral and other immune-boosting remedies like good nutrition, plenty of rest, and stress management.” Online marketing material on Dr. Jordan describes her as follows: "medical anthropologist, international health journalist, radio personality, editor and founder of American Fitness Magazine, and the Global Medicine Hunter. ... She was a core faculty member of a new media venture with Deepak Chopra entitled MyPotential, and was a founding correspondent on iVillage, covering Global Health for women."

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