Dave vonKleist accepts the O'Reilly Challenge

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the 9/11 attacks. The official story promoted by government officials and media spokespersons such as yourself is not accepted by a majority of Americans according to CNN and Zogby polls. Alternative opinions and information have been shunned and ridiculed rather than openly debated despite overwhelming evidence that challenges the promoted thesis.

Utilizing photographic and video evidence and the testimony of high-ranking military experts, I challenge you to discuss whether or not flight 77 hit the Pentagon AND whether or not commercial aircraft struck the WTC towers.

I'm not a "kook" and neither are a US Army Major General, a full-bird AF Col, an AF Maj., an Army Major, a 33 yr. veteran of the DoD (missile defense systems) and numerous commercial airline pilots (one of which flew flight 175 until two months before 9/11, when he retired.)

I would also like to invite you to be a guest on our radio program to discuss this and other issues. You will be treated with respect.

Looking forward to your response,

Dave vonKleist, co-host of "The Power Hour", producer of "911 In Plane Site"