National Guard will try paying members to recruit others
by Ethan Forhetz, KY3 News
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Nov. 29, 2005

SPRINGFIELD -- With recruitment numbers sagging during the war in Iraq, the Missouri Army National Guard is trying something new: paying for new recruits.

Missouri is one of five states that will take part in this test program that debuts this week. Here's how it works: the Army National Guard will pay a current guard member up to $2,000 for each new member he or she brings in.

This comes in the wake of a National Guard recruiting shortfall. Recruitment has fallen 20 percent short of the Guard's goal nationwide in 2005. Guard officials hope this incentive program will raise that number.

Under the "Guard Recruiter Assistant Program," current guard members will earn $1,000 for each new recruit 'without' prior service and another $1,000 when the new recruit reports to basic training. The rewards are similar for the recruitment of people 'with' prior service.

If the program works well in Missouri and the four other “test” states, it will be implemented in all states by the end of September 2006.