Dear __________,

I am writing to inform you about the reason we, along with the Granny Warriors, are protesting against the VA Department of Agriculture and the USDA. Two families, the Henshaws and the Davis', were raided and arrested under the premise of disease control and "illegal hunting enclosure operation" on the 12th of  September in Virginia. In both of these cases, no prior contact was initiated by either the VA Dept of Game and Fisheries or the VA Dept of Agriculture. Both places advertised and were known to be operating PRIVATE hunting enclosures (which is not prohibited by VA law) for wild Russian Boars. In both cases agents killed hogs without prior testing; against published protocol. They removed carcasses and delivered notices of their intent to charge the victims for the agencies atrocious behavior. They littered and defecated on these people's property. It is unconscionable that this type of behavior is allowed and unpunished by our servants in public offices.

We the People of these United States are being pushed beyond the limit of reason by the despotic behavior of governmental agencies against free citizens who have done nothing more than practice their God-given rights with their own property only to have it destroyed and disrespected by lawless officials.

It is our responsibility as citizens to hold our government accountable. It is your responsibility as a representative of the people to ensure that the
Constitution is not infringed upon. Please do your duty and hold these agencies accountable. While I personally cannot be there physically, I want you to know that I am with the Granny Warriors in prayer and in spirit.