Sept 26, 2006

Clear Channel saves Rep. Boswell
from public airing of his votes
Sept 26, 2006

Boswell dodges second bullet

boswell supports amnestyClear Channel Outdoor of Des Moines has rejected our billboards advertising the immigration voting record of Representative Leonard Boswell.

Since Clear Channel has a virtul lock on the outdoor advertising in Des Moines, its refusal to run our billboard campaign effectively sidelines us.  We don't get to participate in our democracy. 

The Clear Channel corporation, however, clear channel's marketsgets to participate in our democracy.  The huge multi-national gets to participate a lot—and it's not even human, let alone a citizen.

So far, in this election cycle alone, Clear Channel's PAC has purchased $758,464 worth of participation in the political process, while Clear Channel executives have purchased another $238,329 individually.  Then there is the 1.8 million dollars Clear Channel spent last year trying to influence the political process through paid lobbyists, not to mention the participation Clear Channel enjoys through the millions of dollars flowing toward Washington via industry PACS like the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

All that influence, and Clear Channel begrudges us a billboard or two in one congressional race?

clear channel billboard
Clear Channel Outdoor had no problem running this crowd-pleaser in Los Angeles.


The corporate arrogance, and the lack of civic-mindedness and fair play on display here is truly over the top. 

A company that had no qualms about running a billboard in Los Angeles celebrating the "reconquista" should certainly have no qualms about a group of citizens advertising the actions by a member of congress that are helping enable the reconquista in the first place.

The full story on Clear Channel gets worse.  Read more.

But then the story gets better.  I think you're going to love an idea we have about how we and you can fight back.  Read more.