Conference call with RON PAUL

As you may have heard Congressman Ron Paul from Texas is anticipating running for President in 2008 - he is probably the BEST candidate of all when it comes to moral issues and saving this nation from communism (socialism) and preserving our Constitution - if you'd like to hear him speak - Here's a great chance. It will be an uphill battle because of his staunch stand on these issues - he NEEDS the Peoples Support.

Let's have an outstanding response, I am begging everyone to attend and get involved! ! !

Bring paper and pencil, mark your calendar Thursday FEBRUARY 15, 6:30 PM MST, Conference call with RON PAUL. 319-256-0100 access code 261987# announce yourself and the number of people on the call, then tap 6 to mute yourself, this helps with clarity and stops background noise. Please be prompt. Pass this on to everyone you know.

Ron Paul for President!