The 9/11 Visibility Project event for Sandpoint is this coming weekend. To reserve tickets in advance is $11 through Tickets West. The suggested donation at the door will be $15. So long as seats are available, no one will be turned away. Event sponsors believe that THE most important part of 9/11 truth is that we pack the houses in which these events are held. This will be an excellent presentation--see you there!

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Don Harkins
The Idaho Observer


Have you been unable to resolve your questions about the terror attacks of Sept. 11th, 2001? You’re not alone. A recent CNN poll showed that 84 percent of Americans believe there is more to 9/11 than we’ve been told. The Idaho chapter of the 9/11 Visibility Project will host author, historian and 9/11 researcher -- Webster G. Tarpley -- at Sandpoint’s Panida Theater June 17th at 6 PM. Advance tickets only $11. Go to
www.TicketsWest.com  or call
1-800-325- SEAT.


CONTACT: Harold Hilton (208) 263-3322


Growing International 9/11 Visibility Project comes to Idaho

The Idaho chapter of the 9/11 Visibility Project will host author, historian and 9/11-truth researcher Webster G. Tarpley for an evening at Sandpoint’s Panida Theater on Saturday, June 17, 2006. Tarpley, who co-authored The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush in 1993, has brought many of the disparate 9/11 points into focus with the October 2005 release of his latest book, “9/11 Synthetic Terror - Made in USA.”

“We formed a 9/11 Visibility chapter in Idaho to provide resources for people in our area with 9/11-related questions and concerns. After hearing rave reviews about Webster Tarpley’s Visibility Project presentation at the University of Washington in Seattle on April 1st, we decided to contact him,” commented the Idaho Chapter’s Chairman Harold Hilton of Sandpoint. “We are excited that Tarpley agreed to be the keynote speaker at our first 9/11 truth event in Sandpoint.”

Hilton said his group intends to sponsor more 9/11 truth events. Idaho’s Visibility Project members believe that, once Americans are aware that a growing body of evidence challenges the legitimacy of the government’s 911 Commission Report, they will demand that the investigation be reopened and all the facts be publicly heard by an impartial panel. Only then will we be certain that the truth has been determined and the true terrorists brought to justice.

9/11 Visibility Project events are currently being held all over the country. Prior to the June 17 speaking engagement in Sandpoint, Tarpley addressed a crowd of 9/11 truth activists at “911Truth.org’s” conference at the Embassy Suites Hotel near the O’Hare Airport in Chicago June 2-4, 2006.

Issues being raised

The official explanation for the September 11 attacks accepts the theory that 19, boxcutter-wielding al-Qaeda terrorists, led by militant Islamic fundamentalist Osama bin Laden, planned and executed the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil from a cave in Afghanistan. The official story also accepts that the system-wide failure of U.S. national defense and intelligence apparatus was caused by a comedy of human errors.

Tarpley’s research into the world of international intelligence and political intrigue reveals circumstances that are much more complex. According to Tarpley, national airspace could not have been breached without the premeditated complicity of our nation’s highest national security offices and, intelligence operatives in the FBI and CIA, while pretending to prevent international crime, are actually “central to the process.”

Growing numbers of qualified experts in a variety of relevant professions are coming forward in support of claims that the Bush administration, at the very least, allowed the attacks to occur. For instance:

Licensed engineers and tenured physics professors have demonstrated conclusively that it is impossible for jet fuel alone to have caused the Twin Towers to collapse into powderized rubble.
The government’s 9/11 Commission did not even advance a theory as to what could have caused the 47-story, steel-framed WTC Building 7 to collapse in its own footprint from a few structurally-insignificant fires.
The same experts have observed that the hole in the Pentagon was too small for a Boeing 757 to have made it without large pieces of wings, fuselage, engines and landing gear being recoverable as wreckage.   

Waving false flags

To Tarpley and other scholars and professionals, it is becoming apparent that our own government didn’t just “let” 9/11 happen—it was intimately involved in its planning and execution. According to a recent CNN poll, prompted by comments made by actor Charlie Sheen March 20, 2006, 84 percent of Americans who took the poll (49, 034) believe the government covered up the real events of the 911 attacks.

Tarpley, the historian, sees 9/11 as just the latest in a long list of “false flag operations” used to prompt public fear of manufactured enemies as pretexts for wars while having the perfect excuse to pass laws violating Americans’ civil rights. He describes how the British Empire was born after a false-flag scheme blamed the blowing up of Parliament in 1605 on Spaniards as a pretext for war with Spain; how Hitler’s infamous “Reichstag fire” caused the German people to mobilize for war against Poland—the birth of WWII and; how the Japanese were politically-provoked into attacking the Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor to justify U.S. involvement in WWII.    

Support for the theory that 9/11 was another false flag operation is found in the Bush administration’s post-9/11 domestic and foreign policies—perpetual and expanding wars on foreign soil and diminishing civil liberties here at home. President Bush’s neocon advisors even admit that their dreams of fighting an endless succession of wars, as described by neocon thinktank “Project for a New American Century,” could not be realized without a “new Pearl Harbor.”


Into the light

The 9/11 Visibility Project is an international effort to raise public awareness that 9/11 was “the new Pearl Harbor” and our post-9/11 world of endless war and the suspension of civil liberties is a direct result of this false flag operation. The desired result of this effort was best stated by 9/11Visibility Project—Chicago organizers: “Let us reveal to all that 9/11 truth offers the greatest opportunity in modern history for courageous, ethical people to positively influence the future of humanity. We hope to achieve no less than a return to Constitutional rule with the re-establishment of our precious civil liberties, the end of fraudulent wars and true justice for all the victims. We should act on this opportunity with gratitude and intelligence, sounding an alarm as well as a declaration that we are free and in charge of our own destiny as awakened and empowered citizens shaping a better world.”

Tickets for the coming event are $11 in advance and will be available through www.TicketsWest.com  1-800-325-SEAT, or $15 at the door. For more information, call 263-3322.