Bringing to You A Two Day Seminar in St. Joseph, Missouri

Featuring: Winston Shrout

Bonds, Notes, and Liens in the World of Commerce

The subjects for presentation to include (but not limited to):

1.                Bonding the Private Man in the Public.

2.                Bonding the Public Entity.

3.                The Accrual Accounting in the Public.

4.                How to capture the Set Off.

5.                What to do if the Set Off has captured You.

6.                Liquidation of bonds, commercial liens, and other accounts receivable.

7.                The Court operates on Double Entry Accrual.

This seminar is not to be considered legal advice, and the information contained must be used with knowledge. 

***Lectures and Handouts***

***No Private Recordings Allowed***

***Event will be recorded, and an Audio CD will be sent to all full tuition paid ($295) seminar participants shortly afterwards***

***Audio CD will be available to non-attendees at the price and location indicated on Educational Materials list*** 

For information and registration contact:

Patt Bekken        (503) 615-0556   hrhpatt@verizon.net

Leanne Tiller      (816) 294-6043   ideal@stjoelive.com