Student reply to Marine recruiter


Thank you for your email regarding the Marine Corps Officers program, and the informational websites. They were very interesting and informative!!

I consider myself to be a very patriotic American citizen--I love my country and would lay down my life to defend it from TRUE enemies, both foreign and domestic. I also have the greatest respect for our military...I support our troops 200%. However, due to information and government documents I have researched, I have come to the conclusion that our military is being run by a dictatorial government who no longer is following the supreme law of the land, the Constitution. Our troops are dying of depleted uranium in a country we should have never of invaded in the first place. It is now proven there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq , and yet our president refuses to admit he made a mistake and bring our troops home. This is an excellent documentary about depleted uranium and its affects on our military:  (it's available as a free download from Google, as well as hardcopy video). The title is Beyond Treason and with interviews of experts, former military personnel, documents, etc., it shows the horrible consequences of the U.S. government using depleted uranium in Iraq . Please watch this film!!!

For information about the PNAC ( Project for a New American Century ), in which Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolferwitz, and many others wrote about their plans, back in 2000 , to invade Iraq, here is a Sunday Herald article: 

Another documentary (FULL of news articles, government documents, video clips, etc.) about how our leaders are turning our country into a police state, the government cover-up of 9/11 (which is important, I think, since the world-wide "War on Terror" is based upon this history-defining event), Bush-Nazi connections, etc., is Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State by Alex Jones and is available on Google as a free download:  . The companion website to this documentary, with every article and document cited in the video, is: . The producer of this film, Alex Jones , also has two other excellent websites with news covering these topics:  and  .

The following links, one from George Washington University's National Security Agency archive and the other from ABC News, are about Operation Northwoods, the now-declassified Joint Chiefs of Staff document from 1962 in which they described how they could blow up U.S. ships in Guantanemo Bay, terrorize U.S. cites such as Washington, stage the shoot-down of American aircraft, etc., and blame it on Cuba as a pretext for invasion (to rally U.S. and world support for an invasion).  (actual Joint Chiefs? document) 

For more information on government cover-up/involvement in 9/11, and the history of government-sponsored terrorism, here are several archives of government documents and news articles:  (archive)  (archive)  (archive) 

After watching the above documentaries and reading the government documents and news articles, I have concluded that our military is being used by our corrupt leaders to further their goals of global domination and turning America into a dictatorial police state. Please look at all of this information and form your own conclusions. I would like all of your opinions on this information from a military standpoint. If any of you would like to contact me regarding this, here is my regular email address:  .

Thank you!

Kristina Powers