U.S. State Of Tennessee Stops Issuing Driving Certificates To Illegal Immigrants

By Lucas L. Johnson II | Associated Press
February 24, 2006

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) - Tennessee stopped issuing driving certificates to illegal immigrants Friday so it can reassess the program, state Safety Commissioner Jerry Nicely said.

The program was intended to improve driving safety by making sure immigrants living in the state knew the rules of the road. But recent federal investigations found that the certificates had drawn illegal immigrants from hundreds of miles away.

"This program was a good idea in theory, but there have been issues with implementation," Nicely said. "I want to give it a thorough review to ensure we're doing what's best for Tennesseans."

He said the program is being temporarily suspended until a study of it can be completed. In the meantime, non-citizens who can prove they are in the country legally will be allowed to get the certificates.