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The Virginia Taxpayers Association says a resolution opposing the NAFTA Superhighway and North American Union introduced by Sen. Roscoe Reynolds, D-Martinsville, "will be a major tool in preventing highway crashes, saving lives and preserving freedom for Virginians and all Americans.

"Reynolds' Senate joint resolution is especially significant because most General Assembly members don't know that the Virginia Department of Transportation has secretly been promoting sale of principal Virginia highways to foreign private interests which expect to make billions by charging tolls on these highways," the state taxpayer association charged today.

"Barbara Reese, chief financial officer of VDOT, was a programmed speaker at a  conspiratorial conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York Sept. 19 and 20 with highway officials from Mexico, several other states, the U. S. Department of Transportation, private financiers from Spain, Latin America, Australia, Scotland, Canada, Goldman Sachs, the Carlyle Group, and a number of other financial organizations.

"Virginia taxpayers had to fork over a 1,999.00 attendance fee for Reese to attend this terrible Waldorf blowout.

"Everyone at the meeting knew in advance purpose of the conference was to expedite unconstitutionally turning over U. S. highways to foreign public-private consortiums without approval or possibly even knowledge by Congress, based on the NAFTA Superhighway blueprint already being implemented in Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Mexico and elsewhere," the VTA added.

"Alleged authority for VDOT in such action is Virginia's Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995, under which the Pocahontas Parkway in southeast Richmond was built.  But Virginia citizens were not told at that time that the Pocahontas Parkway would be an opening wedge for a citizens were not told at that time that the Pocahontas Parkway would be an opening wedge for a wholesale foreign consortium takeover of major U. S. interstates, under several south-north Mexico to Canada corridors, where foreigners would levy tolls without review by any U. S. elected officials and would even have eminent domain to grab millions of acres of valuable farm and urban land for the corridors.

"Key person in this atrocity is Bush administration's Tyler Duvall, assistant secretary, transportation policy, US DOT.  His management of the NAFTA Superhighway is under direction of the unconstitutional Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) signed by George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canada's Premier Paul Martin Mar. 23, 2005 in Waco, Tex.

"Under the NAFTA Superhighway, cargo containers unloaded from Chinese ships on the west coast of Mexico will be transported across the Mexico/U. S. border with only an electronic check, and no inspection until arrival at a U. S. Customs station in Kansas City, in a building actually owned by the Mexican government.

"Mexican trucks with unsafe tires and brakes driven by Mexicans using illegal drugs to stay awake will crowd highways, greatly increasing risk to U. S. motorists," VTA warned.

"The NAFTA Superhighway already includes a Trans Texas Corridor partly financed by the Spanish Cintra/Zachry Consortium with an initial payment of 1.2 billion unlawfully given to the government of Texas, which does not actually own Texas highways, since they were all bought and paid for by federal and state taxpayers.  The Zachry Construction Company bribed members of the Texas state legislature, with agreement by Republican Gov. Rick Perry, a close friend and supporter of Bush, to approve the TTC.

"The SPP agreement created a North American Union with a single government like the European Union, combining Mexico, the United States and Canada all into one.  The NAU will even have a new currency, the Amero, replacing the U. S. dollar.  All this was done without approval by Congress or even knowledge by most members of Congress.  The SPP is a top reason why Bush is treasonously refusing to enforce command by the Constitution to protect the United States against invasion by millions of illegal aliens.

"We expect Rep. Virgil Goode, R-5th, who introduced House Concurrent Resolution 487 opposing NAU and the NAFTA Superhighway last year, to reintroduce a similar resolution in the present Congress.  Passage of Reynolds' Senate joint resolution in Virginia will be vital in facilitating passage of Goode's resolution," VTA said.

The South Carolina General Assembly is already considering a concurrent resolution introduced by Rep. G. Ralph Davenport Jr. (R) Dec. 5, opposing the North American Union.

In another action, the VTA called on all citizens to check the continually corrected, updated and expanded Wikipedia encyclopedia ( on the 9/11 Commission Report "to see where the report was wrong and incomplete.  Wikipedia carries statements by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) opposing the detailed physical and engineering analysis by Dr. Steven Jones, physics professor at Brigham Young University, on how World Trade Center towers were brought down by demolition charges and not by fires, but then truthfully reports that NIST has postponed publication of its report several times.

"This constitutes an admission by NIST that they are unable to refute Jones' masterful document showing the government has lied to us on 9/11," the VTA said.

Taxpayers also cited a Dec. 14 statement by Robin Hordon, who had worked as an air traffic controller at the Boston center for 11 years that "9/11 was an inside job.  Air traffic controllers on duty then have been subject to extreme threats and pressure to keep silent about the fact the Boston center tracked American Flight 11 after it lost its radar and transponder all the way to the World Trade Center, and tried insistently to alert the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.  Hordon stated flight data recorders and FAA tapes have been ordered to be shredded, because if studies of that evidence were undertaken it would become very clear as to who was really behind the attack."

The association said well known 9/11 truth activists in Vermont are planning to use town meetings to bring about a Vermont state legislature resolution calling on Congress to initiate impeachment hearings against Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney together, "which is nowhere precluded by the Constitution.  Even spineless Democrat leaders would find it difficult to oppose such hearings.  Searching questions to witnesses would actually be framed by the staff and not by busy committee members.  Accurate information brought out at these public hearings would be electrifying and change the whole American public climate toward a true freedom agenda even if impeachment itself were not actually voted."

Regarding an elected Muslim congressman taking oath of office on the Koran, the VTA warned that "statements by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) on the Koran saying Allah is the highest law of the land simply are not compatible with the Constitution.  While many Muslims seem to be nice and law-abiding people, without denying them any rights under the Constitution, the U. S. must absolutely ban further Muslim immigration to avoid fractionalization of our society as in Europe."


(The following resolution by Sen. Roscoe Reynolds, D-Martinsville has been introduced in the 2007 General Assembly.  Number of the resolution had not been assigned as this page went to press.)



Memorializing the Congress of the United States to take such constitutional action as may be necessary to prevent the Executive Branch of the federal government from unilaterally implementing the NAFTA Superhighway System and also from implementing a North American Union.


WHEREAS, the safety of Virginia highways is a prime responsibility of the Virginia General Assembly that cannot be delegated to any other entity; and

WHEREAS, a NAFTA Superhighway System from the west coast of Mexico through the United States and into Canada is now being implemented by the Bush administration; and

WHEREAS, the system includes multiple connections with Virginia's already heavily traveled roads, and is being implemented without any action by the United States Congress; and

WHEREAS, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has warned, in its August, 2006 national magazine, that the NAFTA Superhighway will result in U. S. trucks being replaced by Mexican, more unsafe rigs being operated on American roads, and more drivers relying on drugs for making their long hauls; and

WHEREAS, maintenance of Mexican truck brakes and tires falls far below United States standards; and

WHEREAS, Mexican drivers are compelled by companies that employ them to drive an excessive 25 days a month, and to drive 4,500 kilometers alone over the course of five or six nights without sleep, requiring them to resort to cocaine and crystal methamphetamine to stay awake; and

WHEREAS, the national Teamster magazine, in interviewing a sample of Mexican drivers, found no one who had not killed persons in highway accidents; and

WHEREAS, the NAFTA Superhighway System will therefore bring on U. S. soil a new army of drivers who are particularly likely to cause accidents on our roads; and

WHEREAS, given the generally acknowledged corruption of business in Mexico, it will be particularly difficult, if not impossible, for Virginians, as well as other Americans, to collect insurance claims against Mexican companies that employ Mexican drivers who cause accidents here, and insurance rates for Virginians and others are therefore likely to undergo a sharp increase; and

WHEREAS, an initial portion of the NAFTA Superhighway System already under way in Texas involves a pattern contract with the state by a Spanish-U. S. Cintra-Zachry consortium that, in return for a single lump payment to the state by Cintra, grants that foreign company the right to levy for years tolls that cannot be regulated by the state, and will greatly increase the cost of driving for all motorists; and

WHEREAS, neither taxpayers nor U. S. banks are willing to provide the multiple billions of dollars required to construct the extremely large NAFTA Superhighway System, and the needed funds are expected to be provided only by foreign consortiums; the result will be that the arterial U. S. highway system will be under foreign management and financial control; and

WHEREAS, in the United States House of Representatives, House Concurrent Resolution 487 has been introduced, opposing not only the NAFTA Superhighway System but also creation of a North American Union with Mexico and Canada; and

WHEREAS, a North American Union, similar to the European Union and essentially eliminating southern and northern borders of the United States, is now being implemented by the Bush Administration without approval by the United States Congress; and

WHEREAS, a North American Union threatens the sovereignty of the United States, threatens to override and make irrelevant the U. S. Constitution, and threatens to change the laws and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia without consent of the citizens of Virginia; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring, That the Virginia General Assembly hereby declare its formal opposition to allowing components of the Interstate Highway System in Virginia to become part of the NAFTA Superhighway System, and also its opposition to creation of a North American Union; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Congress of the United States be urged to prevent the implementing of the NAFTA Superhighway System and a North American Union; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Congress of the United States be memorialized to take such constitutional action as may be necessary to prevent the Executive Branch of the federal government from unilaterally implementing the NAFTA Superhighway System and a North American Union; and, be it

RESOLVED FINALLY, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and the members of the Virginia Congressional Delegation so that they may be apprised of the sense of the General Assembly of Virginia in this matter.