Terrorism & Security Awareness Orientation for Virginia State Employees

April 2006

A Virginia training manual used to help state employees recognize terrorist’s lists anti-government and property rights activists as terrorists and includes binoculars, video cameras, pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools.

The manual, discovered by the Virginia News Source, is keen to emphasize that terrorists are not only Middle Eastern in scope and the main focus is afforded to domestic terrorism.

Under the definitions of the state's training manual on terrorism, you're a terrorist if you are:

In any anti-government and militia movements
Are property-rights activists
Are in any racist, separatist and hate groups
Are an environmental and animal rights activist
Are a religious extremist
Are in a street gang

It goes on to say that, "Domestic terrorist acts involve groups or individuals whose activities are directed at elements of our government or population without foreign direction or influence."

"The manual is so unbelievable that you have to read it yourself to fully comprehend that it goes far beyond the federal Patriot act".

Once you have read it, you should contact your legislators and demand it be withdraw, rewritten, and revised, if to be used at all.

To view the complete manual, click the below link!