FAN Bulletin 710

Ask WalMart to Stop Selling Fluoridated Water to Babies

Dear All,

There have been several important developments this past week, with all of them relating to the American Dental Association’s Nov 9th concession that children under 1 year of age should not receive fluoridated water.

First and foremost, FAN has launched a major online petition – in conjunction with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) - to pressure Wal-Mart to stop selling “Nursery Water.” (Nursery Water is a brand of fluoridated bottled water that is specifically marketed to young infants!).

Please ask Wal-Mart to stop this unsafe practice by signing our online petition at: .  We’re going to need thousands of signatures to make an effective impression, so *please* help spread the word by emailing the petition to as many friends and like-minded groups as possible.

Other good developments:

Mothering Magazine published an article earlier this week detailing the reasons why babies should avoid fluoride. The article, submitted by FAN and EWG, can be read online at:

Also, Dan Stockin from Tennessee has managed to get some tremendous media coverage from key media outlets there. You can read, and watch, this coverage at our homepage: (see links below main headline).

Underscoring the important implications of ADA’s recommendation, a water utility in Alabama announced this week that they were ending their fluoridation program based in part on their concerns about exposing babies to fluoride. Hopefully more courageous water utilities will follow suit. See:

Ok, so that’s it for now. I will be sending more information about other recent developments shortly, including the recent decision by the city council of Juneau (the capital city of Alaska) to end their long-standing fluoridation program. You can read more about this decision at:

Please remember to sign our petition to Wal-Mart, and email it to your friends. It is available online at:

Paul Connett