From Nila Sagadevan Saturday, May 20, 2006

William Rodriguez

In response to my recent post, “Looking to hit Charlie”, many of you who are new to the 9/11 truth movement have asked me for more information about William Rodriguez. Here’s an email I posted a few months ago...

William Rodriguez at the official White House Awards presentation
[Note halo above head of God’s appointee on Earth.]


William (Willy) Rodriguez is a true American hero. I met Willy over a year ago through the 9/11 Truth movement, and we’ve since become friends. Willy was the last WTC employee to leave the North Tower before it collapsed, surviving by hiding underneath a fire truck.

What’s truly shocking is Rodriguez’s account of bombs exploding in the BASEMENT of the North Tower. He claims the first bomb went off about 5-10 seconds BEFORE the first airliner struck the tower. Rodriguez personally rescued two individuals who were severely burned by the explosions in the basements by carrying the victims up to street level to waiting ambulances.  

As the only person with the master key to the North Tower, Rodriguez continued to single-handedly rescue fifteen people from the basement, and saved the lives of hundreds more by leading firefighters up the emergency stairwells and unlocking doors along the way.

Rodriguez testified under oath to members of “The 9/11 Commission” that bombs were going off all over the building. Even though this fact was independently verified by over one hundred NYFD firefighters (who are all under a gag order), and further supported by numerous accounts by other survivors from the upper floors, Rodriguez’s statement was totally ignored by the Commission.

Despite losing his job and livelihood of 19 years as a WTC maintenance worker and living with the horrors of that day, Rodriguez has devoted his life to helping those affected by the terrible events that occurred on 9/11/01. Willy is now the subject of an upcoming documentary film entitled "The Keymaster" by director Mario Diaz.

Willy recently traveled to Venezuela with millionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter, and met with president Hugo Chavez. The two were surprised by how much the Venezuelan political authorities already knew about the 9/11 fraud.

Subsequent to their meeting, Chavez has called for an independent 9/11 commission comprised of international experts to investigate the events of 9/11.