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Wise Traditions 2005

6th Annual Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation

Friday November 11 - Saturday November 12

Sunday November 13


Where good food and

good health meet

            Your chance to find out about. . .

                        Latest research on vitamins A, D, and B12, critical nutrients in traditional diets

                        Holistic cancer therapies

                        Best nutritional approaches to heart disease

                        Pros and cons of root canals

                        Health benefits and safety of raw milk

                        Natural family planning

                        Lacto-fermented grains, condiments and beverages


Held at the beautiful Westfields Marriott Hotel,

Chantilly, Virginia, near Dulles Airport


Information-Packed Weekend! This year we have planned multiple tracks on all three days.

Friday: Three concurrent sessions

Seminar on Fertility Awareness by Katie Singer

Classes on lacto-fermentation of beverages, condiments and grains

Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon


Saturday: Joint session features internationally recognized speakers on our favorite vitamins:

Vitamin A: Noel Solomons, PhD, Director, CeSSIAM, Intíl Nutrition Foundation, Inc

Vitamin D: Dr. John Cannell, President, Vitamin D Council

Vitamin B12: Dr. John Dommisse


The day will conclude with four concurrent panel discussions

Nutrition in Schools and Hospitals

Raw Milk Activism

Emotional and Psychological Dimensions of Nutrition

What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Farm Bill and Sustainable Agriculture


Saturday Banquet: Chefs John Umlauf and K. Michael Sullivan collaborate to prepare a delicious dinner based on the principles of nourishing traditional diets. Keynote presentation on the safety and health benefits of raw milk by Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy in California.


Sunday: Three concurrent sessions:

Cancer: Mary Enig, PhD, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Dr. Tom Cowan on cancer

Heart Disease: Sally Fallon, Dr. Peter Langsjoen and Joel Kaufman, PhD

Holistic Dentistry and Root Canals: Pentti Nupponen, DDS, Raymond Silkman, DDS,

and Michael Goldman, DDS


Monday November 14 Meeting for Chapter Leaders: This year we have added a fourth day for chapter leaders, featuring presentations, discussions and workshops.


Bring Your Whole Family! The first day of the conference is Veterans Day, a school holiday for many. There will be activities for all age groups, including a special young peoplesí package (for ages 13-21) that includes the Friday seminar on traditional diets, welcome reception and dance, museum visit and Saturday evening banquet; golf, spa, museum visits, biking and shopping for spouses; and child care on the main floor close to the activities.


The Westfields Marriott: This is a top class luxury hotel with every amenity, in a wooded setting. Chefs K. Michael Sullivan and John Umlauf are planning delicious meals for the entire conference. The hotel has given us an outstanding room rate of $139 for double, triple and even quadruple occupancy.


CEUs: Continuing Education Credits are available for many healing arts professions.  For details, visit  or call (240) 379-7072.


      To reserve your room at the hotel, call (800) 635-5666.

      For information on exhibiting, ride share, room share and child care,

            visit  or call (240) 379-7072.