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We need to inform the Missouri senate to bring it up for vote and to vote to approve (HB 1716).

Congratulations everyone! You made a huge impact with your actions regarding Rep. Jim Guest’s Anti-Real ID bill (HB 1716). “We the People” let it be known that we have a voice that’s demands representation and respect. 

Over 7,000 phone calls were received at Jeff city to support Rep. Jim Guest’s Anti-Real ID bill (HB 1716). 

We’re coming down to the last minute as this year’s session is over Friday, May 16 at 6pm.

Therefore, we need to inform the Missouri senate to bring it up for vote and to vote to approve (HB 1716).

Action needed:

To ensure this is passed, we now need to contact our local Missouri state senators.

Please advise their staff or leave a message on their voice mail recorder, indicating you want them to make sure (HB 1716) is brought up for vote and vote to approve it.

Find your Senator here:
or see the list below.

If you don’t want to talk with the senator's staff, then call after hours and leave a message. And if you want to stay anonymous you can always enter *67 before dialing (or whatever it takes on your phone service) to block your phone number on caller ID.

(5/13/8 Update to the above is that Senator Shield was overwhelmed with calls and indicates that he was harassed and threatened...Please be polite when calling. Regarding Shields being overwhelmed...seems if he wants that to stop, he would put the bill up for vote instead of blocking it, doesn't it?). 

Keep in mind this is how the anti-National Animal Identification System was block last year and might be blocked this year. One person can kill all of our effort by merely not allowing it to go to vote!

Act now and act often,
Tom Ritter

Everyone be polite in their phones calls.  Tell your Senator that you appreciate their SUPPORT for Real ID legislation HB 1716.  

Also tell them you appreciate their OPPOSITION to HJR 48 requiring Photo ID to vote (this is Real ID).  

Politely tell them that you will not accept Biometrics on your Drivers License.
    Call your Senators.  Be nice!  Kill them with kindness.
    Let's go to work.  Session is ending this week! 
    Anyone who lives close enough to Jeff City needs to go walk door to door in the Capital tomorrow and visit all the Senators offices and tell them the above information. 
    Again, be Polite and Respectful but let's get the message across.  No threats please.  Take the high road!
    Here's the link to find your Senator, , for a full list here's the link
    Jim Palmisano

Frank Barnitz,, 753-751-2108
Matt Bartle,, 573- 751-1464
Joan Bray,, 573-751-2514
Victor Callahan,, 573-751-3074
Norma Champion,, 573-751-2583
Dan Clemens,, 573-751-4008
Maida Coleman,, 573-751-2606
Jason Crowell,, 573-751-2459
Rita Heard Days,, 573-751-4106
Tom Dempsey,, 573-751-1141
Kevin Engler,, 573-751-3455
Michael Gibbons,, 573-751-2853
Jack Goodman,, 573-751-2234
Chuck Graham,, 573-751-2162
Tim Green,, 573-751-2420
John Griesheimer,, 573-751-3678
Jolie Justus, please go to, 573-751-2788
Harry Kenney,, 573-751-2126
Chris Koster,, 573-751-1430
Brad Lager,, 573-751-1415
John Loudon,, 573-751-9763
Robert Mayer,, 573-751-3859
Ryan McKenna,, 573-751-1492
Gary Nodler,  573-751-2306
Chuck Purgason,, 573-751-1882
LuAnn Ridgeway,, 573-751-2547
Scott Rupp,, 573-751-1282
Delbert Scott,, 573-751-8793
Charles Schields,, 573-751-9476
Shoemyer, West,, 573-751-7852
Jeff Smith,, 573-751-3599
Bill Stouffer,, 573-751-1507
Carol Vogel,, 573-751-2076
Yvonne Wilson, go to, 573-751-9758

At your service,
Tom Ritter




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