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Castle Concepts & Energy
Ohio, USA

Dr. Michael Castle has appeared many times on this Show speaking out against ChemTrails-Morgellons et seq  Besides being a Confederation Activist, Dr. Castle’s penchant is for the development of ‘Sustainable Technologies’ and has been involved privately in this aspect of Environmentalism since about 1990. 

Borne out of essential necessity (today’s Petroleum and Fuel crisis) a Gasoline-fuel substitute has been developed, tested and now Dr. Castle wants to offer this fuel(s) replacement to the Activated listening public.  These liquids are mixed using a Recipe, not formulas.  Based on blends of Orange Oils, Pine Oils or other common Terpenes-Natural Hydrocarbons with Ethyl Alcohol and two other Natural materials, all can be also found in common Foodstuffs.

Called CasOlene (flip for Gasoline) or OrangeOlene (Diesel Fuels offset) Emergency supplies of a 100% Natural products material that you can put into your Combustion Engine Auto and go to the local Farmer’s Market or wherever you may NEED to go, Gasoline may cease to be available in some areas. 

Emergency Fuels for Civilian Power requirements.  RMC

Castle Concepts & Energy
Ohio, USA


Civilian-Power Emergency Fuels

DRAFT May 8, 2008

This KIT contains complete info that will enable the Licensee(s) to privately assemble Ingredients, produce a blend of liquids and become a ‘Natural Fuel Provider’, for normal daily or emergency Fuels Operations where Internal-combustion engines are used. The resultant Liquid material(s) can be utilized as drop-in substitutes for Petroleum-Benzene-based Fuels.


1. Ultrasonic Disperser

This hardware item is essential in the flow-thru processing of micro-blending of all 4 materials in the Casolene recipe.

2. Specific Blend-percentages of the Terpenes typically utilized in producing this material. Location of principal supply of d’Limonene Natural Hydrocarbon Oils, Ethyl Alcohol, beta0carotene, Acetone (seasonal).

3. A specific mixing procedure for making a Gasoline substitute complete with notations of Safety issues, proper grounding of equipment and containers in working with Flammable Liquids.

A ‘COST’-to-use this technology has not been assigned as of the Broadcast, however, for budgetary purposes a KIT cost will be over $5,000. This is mostly equipment cast for the special mixing machine. Additional cost info to follow.

Dr. R. Michael Castle




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