Whereas, agricultural crop and tree health could be adversely impacted by climate change produced by experimental weather modification programs, atmospheric heating and testing programs, and increasing air pollution from the chemicals used in those programs;


Whereas, a wide variety of trees and other vegetation are showing signs of declining health or have died out;


Whereas, honey bee and wild pollinator populations are in steep decline;


Whereas, tree and plant decline is creating a serious fire hazard in many areas across the United States and which may adversely impact local weather, rainfall totals, and local water supplies;


Whereas, global dimming, climate change, Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation, and air pollution are increasing;


Whereas, persistent jet contrails are changing our weather, exacerbating global warming (NASA), and jet fuel emissions are polluting our air while depleting beneficial atmospheric ozone levels;


Whereas, global dimming and persistent jet contrails, that produce man-made clouds, may decrease photosynthesis thereby reducing crop production;


Whereas, there are currently over fifty known experimental weather modification programs currently being used across the United States without any studies to determine the synergistic effects of those programs or their affect upon, regional micro-climates, agricultural crops and water supplies;


Therefore, we the undersigned demand to know what effects these current experimental, military, public, and private weather modification programs are having on human health, agriculture crops, trees, climate, and drinking water supplies.


Therefore, we the undersigned, demand to know how atmospheric heating and testing programs are changing our weather, polluting our air, and abnormally moving the jet stream;


Therefore, we the undersigned, request that our local, county, state and federal representatives take action to curb the unrestrained, experimental weather modification programs and atmospheric heating and testing programs that are proliferating, without any public oversight, in order to protect agriculture, trees, watersheds, and our water supplies. And we urge our U.S. Senators & Representatives to defeat U.S. Senate Bills #1807, #2191, #3036 U.S. House Bill HR 3445


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