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Largest 3rd Party To Choose Candidate For President

Dissatisfaction With “Big Box” Party Options Spurs Interest Not Seen In Nearly 150 Years

Lancaster, PA: The country’s fastest-growing and largest third party, based on voter registration, the Constitution Party, ( will nominate a presidential candidate at a nationwide convention in Kansas City, Mo, April 23 -26,2008.

Underscoring the announcement of its convention by citing widespread voter discontent with Republican and Democratic Party candidates, the Constitution Party announced it would choose a nominee who will offer voters a viable alternative to the ‘one-in-the-same’ candidates currently running.

“Not since the Whigs were deposed by the ‘upstart’ party of the day - the Republican Party - have we seen such widespread interest in venturing out of the two party ruts,” noted Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer.

“Statistically, voters are moving away from the two parties that control DC. …Frankly, at this point, a large percentage of voters are saying, “none of the above;” they are not getting behind the candidates we’ve been told are our only choices in November. The Constitution Party Convention will be exciting for those who were resigned to sitting out the presidential election,” Clymer added.

Notable speakers will join delegates and Constitution Party members from all 50 states at the three-day event at the Kansas City, Mo. Downtown Marriott, 200 West 12 th street.

Speakers will include Ambassador Alan Keyes, political analyst Richard Viguerie, New York Times best- selling author, columnist Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt, radio talk show host Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Operation Rescue Director Troy Newman.

“Come Election Day that third party wildcard could conceivably upend the status quo,” Clymer predicted, noting, “From here on out, this (presidential) race will take on an entirely different look”.

To schedule interviews with Constitution Party National Convention speakers, party spokespersons or to arrange for press credentials, please contact:

Mary Starrett
Communications Director,
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