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A BIG "Thank You" for all who made this event possible & for all that attended!!

Articles within this table are related to the "Live Free or Die Concert" held Saturday, July 14, 2007.

Google Video: Live Free or Die Concert Clips form July 14, 2007 -- Various video clips taken from the Live Free or Die Concert held July 14, 2007 in support of Ed & Elaine Brown.

Audio: Brief news coverage about Ed and Elaine Brown on NPR (National Public Radio) -- NPR played an excerpt of Dave singing "Show Me the Law", Randy Weaver sharing his heart-felt emotion on the situation, Ed and Elaine, and of course some scared (coward) townsfolk who support the official (wrong) position. (July 17, 2007)

Browns' bash draws about 200 -- An estimated 200 people turned out for the "Live Free or Die Concert" at the Plainfield home of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown yesterday. As of early evening, police were calling it a peaceful gathering. About 100 cars lined one side of the Browns' half-mile driveway by early afternoon. Helicopters circled overhead as new arrivals searched for parking.

Browns throw themselves a party -- Policemen were stationed for hours yesterday (July 14, 2007) on the road outside Ed and Elaine Brown's house in Plainfield, where a large party was being held to benefit the convicted tax protestors. But the officers said they wouldn't, under any circumstances, enter the property if an emergency occurred.

Brown standoff tense before concert -- Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are on heightened alert today because of a benefit concert at the Plainfield home of federal income tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown.

Homeland Security Crashes the BROWN'S LIVE - FREE OR DIE JAMBOREE -- Mysterious white helicopter circled the crowd of 200 for about 6 hours, flying so low at times it appeared to be coming in for a landing. At one point, after apparently refueling… The chopper returned appearing about 100 feet out of the trees. It must have been lying low in silent mode before it jumped out and buzzed the crowd. It felt like apocalypse now, Vietnam or Iraq.

Anti-government activist fears feds are watching him -- Some of Weaver’s supporters called KY3 News recently because they believed he was under siege again. When a reporter and photographer arrived at his home just outside Harrison, supporters had blocked off his driveway. Some men in a military-type vehicle led the crew inside and, after some coaxing, Weaver consented to an interview.



 A "BIG" THANK YOU to all who attended and
                 watched LIVE the:
       In support of Ed and Elaine Brown!
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MUSIC VIDEO "SHOW ED THE LAW by Dave vonKleist -- Musice VIDEO of the song "Show Me the Law" sang at the "SHOW ME THE LAW MUSIC JAMBOREE" held Saturday, June 23, 2007 at Ed & Elaine Brown's home.

ShowEdTheLaw .com -- Must see website called

Click Here for a few PHOTOS taken at the "SHOW ME THE LAW MUSIC JAMBOREE"

ARTICLE of the Event by David Deschesne:
Click Here to read a write up & see More Photos of the  Freedom Concert Held at Brown's New Hampshire Home



Watch the concert LIVE at 3 - 5 PM Eastern Time

(WARNING: The live feed is subject to communication capabilities)!

Our very own Radio Show Host Dave VonKleist arrived in Plainfield, New Hampshire Thursday, June 21, 2007 and will be hosting a "Freedom/Liberty/Picnic Concert" this weekend at the Brown's family home.

WHEN: SATURDAY JUNE 23, 2007 - 3 PM Eastern

Come Join The Action--All welcome to attend!

The directions to Ed & Elaine's House are as follows:

Take I-89 to West Lebanon (exit 20) and head south toward Plainfield
Go about 6 miles and and after going down a long hill (with a nice
view of a mountain in the distance) turn left onto Stage Rd.
Go about 1/2 mile and turn left onto Center of Town Rd.
Go about 2 miles (the last 1/2 mile is gravel) and Ed's driveway is
on the left.

See you there!



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