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Please read the caution below before listening to the audio tape. Please note that it cuts off and we are not sure what else was said.

Audio Clip Reveals Ed Brown Was Tortured

Lee Rogers

Shaun Kranish of was able to call into the Ohio prison where Ed Brown is being held and managed to have a 10 minute conversation with him. This is the first known conversation that Ed Brown has had with anybody on the outside since his arrest. Ed and Elaine Brown were arrested out of their Plainfield, NH home a few weeks ago after a standoff with the Feds over the lawfulness of the Federal income tax. The Brown's refused to pay the Federal income tax after they discovered problems with the legality and Constitutionality of the tax. During their trial, the Brown's were not allowed to properly defend themselves and they were eventually found guilty in the kangaroo court. The phone conversation was recorded and uploaded to the web, but has since been removed from its original source. The audio clip of the phone conversation can be downloaded here.
In the phone conversation, Ed Brown reveals that he was put into a deprivation tank for hours, gassed for days and not allowed to receive mail or make phone calls. He also reveals that he was tasered during his apprehension and that terrible things were done to his wife Elaine.
Ed Brown also questioned why Kranish brought an individual named Dutch into the Brown's home that ended up helping the Feds apprehend him. It is suspicious that Kranish was able to secure a conversation with him when nobody else has thus far been able to get in contact with him from the outside. The possibility that the release of this audio clip is a psychological warfare operation against the patriot community is a distinct possibility.

Either way, if the statements Ed Brown is making is true, he is certainly being mistreated and tortured by the Feds. There needs to be an investigation into this and anybody involved with mistreating Ed or Elaine Brown should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All the Brown's did was ask the Feds to show them the law that requires them to pay a Federal income tax on their labor. The Feds have failed thus far to do so which indicates that there is no law that requires the average American to pay and that the Federal income tax is enforced through the threat of force.




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