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  The Electrosmog Detector

The Electrosmog Detector exposes the potentially harmful microwave radiation from the wireless communications that now surround us, providing an aid to healthy living in today’s wireless world.

The Electrosmog Detector has been created in response to the growing demand for personal protection from the increasing levels of ‘electrosmog’ pollution that now surround us in our daily lives.

The Detector is a precautionary device that allows anyone to gauge the intensity of ‘electrosmog’ they are exposed to. It will not only appeal to the electrically sensitive but also the army of ‘worried well’ those who take their health seriously – helping them to judge what precautions to take.

In a world where fast-growing wireless technology is ever-present, the Electrosmog Detector allows you to actually hear the digital pulsing of microwave frequency signals. It simply detects microwave emissions and delivers their unique unadulterated sounds. It provides an audible tone and volume dependent on the type and level of radiation. The more intense the radiation, the louder and more unpleasant the noise and the great the biological effect. Hearing is believing!

Anywhere that you spend your time - at home, in offices, schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants and when traveling - you will be able to detect the electrosmog ‘hotspots’ in your environment and establish the 'quiet zones' especially in bedrooms where a good night's rest is essential. With small changes to lifestyle, dramatic reductions in exposure can be achieved.

The Electrosmog Detector comes complete with a ‘sleeve’ made from a protective fabric similar in weight and density to fine gauze. Manufactured by specialist textile suppliers using patented, copper-stranded fabrics, it can deflect over 99% of electrosmog. Using the Electrosmog Detector in the sleeve will demonstrate how wireless radiation can be minimized.

The design and affordability of the Detector means that checking for the existence of electrosmog in our personal environment is now easily achievable.

The Electrosmog Detector - Features and Benefits

* First such consumer product on the marketplace
* Detects microwave radiation 'hotspots' from all wireless technologies
* Audible signal indicates severity of microwave radiation exposure
* Stylish design and packaging
* Handy size means it fits easily in to handbag or pocket
* Lightweight and portable for traveling
* Easy operation - on/off switch and volume control
* Battery operated - one PP3 9V battery supplied
* Complete with protective fabric sleeve to test its effectiveness
* Comes with two year warranty

* Frequency Range: 50MHz to 3000MHz
 *Sensitivity: 0.01 volts per metre (V/m).9V battery - supplied)

 To order: send check or money order for $99 to:

BOX 64


Please add $10 for shipments to outside USA



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