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Subject: [whoru] Eric WhoRU will now have a permanent show on TalkShoe

Hi Group -

I am setting up a permanent program on TalkShoe - TalkShoe is an internet based system that is very similar in operation to We The People Radio Network except there is no $500.00 monthly charge for using their system - Listeners can listen and participate by merely
listening through their computer on the Internet or by calling in on the telephone number below. If you log in on your computer you can then type in chat messages, if you want to talk then you must call in - you can be connected through your computer and your telephone
both at the same time:

The call in telephone number is 1 (724) 444-7444
The call ID for my show is 27767#

I have set up all of the shows to open for joining at 7:45 PM central time - with the actual shows to begin at 8:00 PM central time. I will start the recordings at about 8:00 PM.

The name of my show is "Eric WhoRU Teaches Fundamental Basic Natural Principles".

To listen either call in on the above phone number or on the Internet by clicking on the below link - after the page comes up on your computer screen - scroll down (if necessary) to find my show among those listed (I do have the same picture as on WTPRN) - then click on the name of my show - another screen will come up pertaining to my show - then click on the large purple TalkShoe LIVE "JOIN IN" button.

Or, as I understand it, you may just type my TalkShoe show ID number
in the box at the upper right of your screen: 27767

I am still working out the procedure - it is my understanding that I will have a computer screen with indications of who the participants are both callers on the telephone and logged in to type chat on their computers with an ability for me to mute and unmute both callers and type chat participants.

I had a second test call last Saturday, September 27th, which was recorded - that recording is available on TalkShoe - it was almost 3 hours long.

At least for the present there will be no commercial breaks.

I will still be doing my show on WTPRN at least through the end of September - I do expect that next Tuesday, September 30, will be my last WTPRN show.


I'm Eric, WhoRU?



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