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Arthur Pollock's view of The Freedom Rally 2008 that was held at the footsteps of the Capitol Building in D.C. on April 15th 2008. (Thanks Arthur)

The day had a very rough start because of the D.C. Police making sure we did not fly our planes into the Capitol Building full of jet fuel or having box cutters on our person.
Once we got past that situation, we started to set up and get ready. The sound system was not quite set up due to us being so late getting in, that when Ron Paul arrived, we did not have a good microphone for  him to speak to the crowd with, but he did speak and the people just got close to hear his message and to see him and Carol being presented with the picture of he and Carol, which was done beautifully in early American attire, portraying Carol with the early American flag on her lap.
Next Russell Means spoke about his decree of Freedom within his nation in the north part of The U.S. including the Dakotaís. It almost makes you want to pack up and move there.
There were so many very good speakers I will have to concentrate on those that stick out in my mind because of their message and the crowds response which would include Colin Jackson whoís message of hope and continuing the good fight and giving credit to Christ for the strength he and Sherry have and what allows them to continue on in their battle against the greatest of odds. Here is man that is an honor to meet in any setting.
Colin blessed me earlier in the day by handing me his cell phone and telling me to say hello and to my surprise was none other than Sherry who wanted to thank me for all I had done to help put this Rally together and getting Colin there. I will say, itís a very humbling feeling to have someone like Sherry thank me, when I feel the real thanks should be to her for stance on truth even to the point of prison for that stance.
We love you Sherry and Colin.
There many politicians that spoke and of course they have their message of following in Ron Paulís footsteps to try and bring our Government back to its Constitutional roots.
When Jack Mclamb arrived and took the stage he was met with an overwhelming cheer.
He spoke with urgency within his massage and encouraged the crowd to pray for all of us And our nation. Whatever your belief system is, this man has the right answer and the crowd must have agreed with him because he was applauded well after he left the stage.
I want to give a very special thank you to Dave VonKleist,our MC, for making it all happen seamlessly even with all the problems we faced  throughout the day. Dave played some of his great music throughout the day and I canít thank him enough for being there.
Dave sang his song, SHOW ME THE LAW and everyone was singing  with him in A load voice for all to hear. Dave walks the walk and he backs it up as he expresses himself through his music.  What a guy!
PokerFace, the band from The Allentown Pa. area did what they do best and that is to wow the crowd with Patriotic Rock music with lyrics that gives a clear message of what the global elitist trying to do and their song which includes the lyrics ďI would rather die than be your slaveĒ which I think sums up my thoughts exactly. If you have not heard their music, your missing some great, almost inspired music.Great Job guys and thank you very much for making the trip and blessing us with Your music and your company.
Professors Jim Fetzer gave his speech on 9-11. Jim had clued me into what he was going to speak about before going on stage and was somewhat concerned about the content of his message and how it would be received with the crowd. Since I knew what he was going to say was the truth, I told him, the truth is the truth and I would not hold back, not that he needed my 2 cents. It worked out very well, as the crowd knew truth when they heard it and was right there with him and gave him a very big applause. I only hope this makes it to the internet for all to hear.  If we canít speak the truth for being afraid of offending certain groups, then we should all pack it up and go home. There are many people that will not touch certain issues, but Jim chose to cross that line. Truth should have no boundaries.
Thanks Jim for saying what needed to be said.
Tom Cryer took the stage and spoke to us about the Income Tax and what itís doing to the people of this once great country. Here is a man that faced the beast head on and won. Now spends his time trying to help others overcome this powerful and corrupt organization. He was very well appreciated by the crowd and I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from this man.
Murray Sabrin from New Jersey who is running for Senate. Politicians donít usually get very attention from me, but here is a man that as I listened to him with my bullsh_t detector in high mode, came across as being very sincere as he explained how important it is to him to be part of turning this country around and getting back to the Constitution.
He talked about his roots of coming to America as a child with his parents and how he could see all the corruption and where it is taking our once great country. I have to say, he truly had my attention and If I was a betting man, I would say he really means every word he spoke and would do everything in his power to make it happen. I say keep on eye on this man, maybe even help him if you live in New Jersey.
Bob Schultz came on like the gentle lion he is and his plan to turn this corrupt Government on its tail end. I have known Bob for many years and he just will not take no for an answer. Bob is retired from his secular job, but works full time trying to make this Government answer for the corruption they wield over the people. We can only hope that Bob lives a very long life to see it through.
All in all, it was a great day and the best Rally I have been to in D.C ever. The Granny Warriors know how to put on a show and these ladies are a force to be reckoned with.
You really have to hand it to these ladies at their age who have done so much and just wonít stop. Can anyone tell me where they buy their drugs? I need some of whatever they are taking. They are already planning their next event and I think it will be even bigger and better than this one.  I need a bowl of Wheaties after this one.
I have included a few pictures, even though I didnít get as many as I would have liked to due to the fact that I was so busy helping anyone that was in need. I am sure there will be many more on the net within the next couple of days.
I would like to give a special thanks to all that participated in this Rally. You are the ones that make it all worth while.
Closing remarks, I spent most of the day with the most beautiful, most photographed lady I have ever known. She must have had her picture taken over 500 times that day.
My wife, Miss Liberty!   Pictures say a thousand words and here they are:

Miss Liberty with our friend Ann Marie

Officer Jack Mclamb first arriving with Joel

Dave VonKleist  doing what he does best.

Dave VonKleist  doing what he does best.

Dave VonKleist and Miss Liberty

Officer Jack Mclamb

Russell Means

PokerFace cranking it up

Miss Liberty and The General

Wishful thinking, it will come true very soon!

Dave addressing the crowd

Hey I had to get into the pictures too! Arthur and PokerFace






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