From Fascism to Freedom

The Solution

 The most recurrent reason for failure to reach satisfactory solutions to basic political problems is the failure to examination the problem and its solution on sound basic principles. This cause is universal.

 In examining this simple solution to the problems with the income tax and our money system, so aptly exposed by Aaron Russo's movie, America: From Freedom to Fascism, we must first lay out a few basic fundamental axioms, principles which ought to be self evident but which are apparently not:

1. Governments do not exist in nature;

2. No person has any natural authority to bind any other;

3. Governments are fictional entities created by humans;

4. Governments can have no more authority than their human creators;

5. Taxation is a euphemism for armed robbery;

6. Those governed by means of taxation cannot possibly be free;

7. A government funded by means of taxation is a slave state.

8. A people cannot claim to be a free people, teach their children that they are free, when the government that they created to protect       their  freedom funds itself by pointing its guns at them.

In reading these basic and fundamental axioms, did you possibly find an application of any of them to the United States? How about all 8?

If you do not grasp that all eight axioms apply to the United States, go back and re-read them until you are able to discern that ALL them indeed apply to the United States.

 In regard to axiom eight: "How can we claim to be a free people, teach our children that they are free, when the government that we created to protect our freedom funds itself by pointing its guns at us?"

Please keep all eight of the foregoing in mind while reading the solution presented below.

 In the movie: "America: From Freedom to Fascism" Aaron Russo lays out an excellent exposure of both the Income Tax and the privately owned central bank of the United States known as the Federal Reserve, but the movie does not present any meaningful solutions to either of these two very serious problems.

 Maybe this is because Mr. Russo wants you to think for a while about how we got into this mess. This leads us back to what is presented in the opening paragraph on page 1:

The reason we are in this mess is because in the past we have failed to take the time to create a basic foundation for the government we have created to govern and protect us. That is why you are once more encouraged to re-read, remember, and apply all eight of the axioms that you read herein above.

Please understand, as you read, that the solution is presented herein below

1. Will not require the elimination, or even the reduction, in any existing government programs such as: - Social Security - Medicare - Medicaid - Aid to Dependent Children - other government support programs, and - any other government funded programs, ALL will remain in place, fully funded.

2. This solution will NOT require you to pay out any additional money to fund the government.

 3. This solution is NOT taxation by another name.
(Before you read any further, please re-read the three numbered items above)

There are a few points left out of Aaron's Russo's movie - one being that all of the economic problems we encounter in the United States are a direct result of the fact that the central bank of the United States is privately owned.

The economic boom and bust cycles, all foreclosures, inflation of the money supply, rising prices - and whatever else you want to address - add it on to the list! But no matter what you add on, the cause originates in the private ownership of the Federal Reserve, not in the basic nature of the central bank.

 The Solution in a Nut Shell:

All we need to do to fix the problem is to have the ownership of the Federal Reserve taken over by the PEOPLE, while keeping the operation as distant from Congress as it currently is under private ownership.

That is, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve must remain in place, doing the same job it does now, but doing it for the People of the United States instead of for the Fed's current private owners!

The reason private ownership is the cause of the problems is simply because under private ownership, all of the interest collected on loans goes to the private owners of the Fed.

Under the solution presented here, the interest will, instead, be credited to the Treasury of the United States government, to be used instead of taxation (armed robbery) to pay for all of the government programs currently funded by means of armed robbery.

The solution is as simple as that!

Due to space limitations, all of the details cannot be set forth here, but as many as will fit will be presented. For an in-depth explanation, and information on the Monday conference calls, please see the Internet addresses at the end of this pamphlet.

What is proposed here, in accordance with the eight basic axioms set forth above, is to totally eliminate all taxation at every level of government in the entire United States.

That is correct - no city, county or state sales taxes, property taxes, fuel (gasoline) taxes - that is NO TAXES of any nature whatever!

It is obviously imperative that we have government; if we had not implement a government of our own choosing, then a foreign tyrant would have imposed one on us, as did the Europeans and Englishmen to the native Americans ("Indians") starting in 1492 and thereafter.

In order to have a government with enough military power to dissuade or, if necessary, repel foreign invaders; we must provide adequate funding.

If we are to call ourselves a free people and teach our children that they are free, the method of funding must not be through taxation, as  "taxation" is nothing but a euphemism for armed robbery.

Therefore, the means by which we fund our government must be a voluntary means.

 In order to have a free flowing economy; a readily adjustable money system must be utilized;

People who borrow money expect to pay interest; Interest is the only voluntary source of revenue that anyone has ever been able to devise.

Is it not, therefore, most reasonable that the interest voluntarily paid on such borrowed money should go to the Federal Treasury, to fund the People’s government!

And it is most imperative that we do not allow the government (Congress or the President) to have control over, or access to, the Peoples central bank. For further details go to the WhoRU Yahoo group, (which also has information on the conference  call details) at  Remember - Do Not Coerce!