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Ron Paul and the movement for Constitutional government need you to attend your MORGAN County Republican caucus this Saturday to help elect Ron Paul Delegates to the Missouri Convention!

Your County caucus location seems to be:

3/15/2008; 10:00 a.m.
Community Room of the Bank of Versailles on Fisher St., Versailles, MO

Please arrive ONE HOUR in advance and don't be late!

Your County Ron Paul Coordinator, to contact as soon as possible with any questions -- including if your caucus location is not printed here -- or you don't understand
where to go or what to do, is:

Keith Hudson 913.645.5153

Please contact them as soon as possible and coordinate with them to maximize success at the caucus!

We encourage you yourself to run as a Delegate, and if you are interested in doing this, definitely contact your Ron Paul coordinator as soon as possible!

Resistance from the Republican establishment to local grassroots attending this meeting is strong. YOU could be the deciding vote at this key meeting!  You decide if a pro-Constitutional slate, or pro-status quo slate of delegates, will go on to the next level (District Caucus on
the morning of Apr.  19th and the State Convention on May 31st in Branson, MO).

We are so close, but each and every freedom loving American should come out to ensure we have a majority at the caucuses. We need you not only to attend, but also bring as many people as you can for your neighborhood.  This is the time to stand if ever!

If you are 1,000 miles away, serving jury duty, giving birth or participating in some other momentous event and cannot attend but want to help, email your coordinator at
( for more info about being an alternate delegate. But, if you are in town, for the cause, donate just an hour or so of your time this Saturday.

Important details!

- Doors close at the time listed. Don't be late!

- You must be a registered voter

- Bring ID (mandatory) and voter card (if possible)

- Bring an attitude of integrity and willingness to
understand the process

- Make contact with your township coordinator before
attending for specifics

- Wear Sunday clothes and look your clean-cut best

As a last resort if you don't know where to go, you can contact your Republican Party official, but do not mention Ron Paul to them:

Kenneth McCutcheon, Jr.; (573) 378-4931;

Ruth Carlson
Cell 314-288-5870
Missouri Field Coordinator,
Congressional Districts 1, 2, 3




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