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"Follow the money"

...That Mysterious Building 7

I’ve heard several explanations as to why Building 7 absolutely had to be demolished — and given the way it was achieved, at obviously great risk to the perps.

One of these is that Giuliani’s ultra-fortified “emergency” bunker on the 23rd floor served as an operations center, contained the guidance electronics for the incoming aircraft, and this evidence had to be destroyed. I don’t find this line of reasoning entirely implausible — for instance, I’ve seen plotted extensions of the approach tracks of both aircraft that neatly intersect building 7 from opposing directions. But I’d be the first to admit this sort of conjecture hardly constitutes proof.  

Regardless, what remains inarguable is that this structure absolutely had to be brought down. It clearly contained hugely incriminating material of some kind that had to be shredded at any cost. If this weren’t the case, the perps wouldn’t have risked a blatantly obvious ‘pull’ in broad daylight for the world to record as probably the most compelling smoking gun of them all.

I now concur with a few colleagues that the plan called for Flight 93 to crash into Bld 7. The ensuing high-visibility fireball would’ve rather neatly ‘explained’ that tower’s collapse, case closed. But the script somehow went awry, and that errant aircraft was ordered shot down over Shanksville before matters got totally out of hand. This, of course, left the perps with no choice but to pull the building several hours later — doubtless cursing to high heaven and at Murphy — in full public view.

That being said, I believe the following article helps shed more light on the importance of this enigmatic building, and perhaps provide another reason why it had to be destroyed — Documents.

You see, Building 7, which also housed field offices of the SEC, FBI, CIA, NSA among others, contained tons of information on corporate fraud that could, collectively, have constituted manifold ‘Enrons’ that would’ve put many, many individuals away for a few hundred years.

I suspect much of what Sibel Edmonds has been barred from disclosing has a lot to do with this information — fraud, laundering, gun-running, narcotics, etc. If one were to read between Sibel’s lines in the few interviews she gave before she was totally gagged, I believe this would all soon begin to ring true.  

Similarly, the offices that were the target of the missile that struck the Pentagon were those of the auditors digging into the missing $2.6 trillion.

They were all killed in the strike. All records were destroyed.

Barbara Honnegar, who spoke at the conference in Los Angeles last Sunday (with Ed Asner and David Griffin), said she had interviewed an individual who occupied an adjacent office who actually saw banks of computers in the general vicinity of the accounting offices literally going up in smoke — self-detonating, as it were — seconds before the initial explosion (yes, there was an explosion that preceded the missile by a few minutes; that’s when the numerous fallen wall clocks froze in  mid-stroke. Hmmm... evokes memories of that explosion beneath Willy Rodriguez’s feet in the WTC basement seconds before the aircraft impact on the Tower, does it not?).

Then we have the billions of dollars in insider trading... the tons of bullion being frantically trucked out of the vaults beneath the towers...

This all rather eerily prompts me to recall the piece of sage advice that enigmatic diplomat in Prague gave me some months ago: “Follow the money.”

“It’s devastating. They’ll have to scrap many cases, and start from scratch on others”
-- Carmen Lawrence, ex-SEC head



"The whole idea of the pancake theory and this progressive collapse that NIST talks about means
that you have no resistance on the way down...what an amazing thing that all of the bolts would
have failed at the same time.  All of the welds would have failed at the same time...And there isn't even
an explanation for how the core of the structure — an extremely highly structurally-resisting part of the
structure that basically takes the lateral loading — collapsed. NIST just talk about the trusses
that go across from column to column.  And all of them fail at the same time? Even if you were to
accept that, you've got resistance as the floors come down.  And they did an analysis there,
... It should have taken 96 seconds for that total collapse to have occurred in a pancake
manner down to ground zero.  It took 9. I think Building 7 is the big, big question mark
and I don't know that there is an engineering explanation for that other than controlled demolition."

-- Robert M. Korol, BA Sc, MA Sc, PhD, PE, F.C.S.C.E. – Professional Engineer and Professor Emeritus,
Department of Civil Engineering, McMaster University.  Elected Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada
for exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada. Well known for his research on steel structures;
the plastic theory of metal structures, inelastic buckling, limit analysis, environmental assessment
and life cycle analysis methodologies.


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