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Dear PTC Member,

Yesterday, we told you how KFC and McDonalds sponsored the CW's premiere episode of '90210' -- which opened with a scene of a teenage boy receiving oral sex in a high school parking lot. This scene aired at 7:00 p.m. Central and Mountain, right at the beginning of the Family Hour.

We asked you to let McDonalds and KFC know that you don't appreciate these restaurants sponsoring graphic sex scenes aimed at your children. And we gave you email addresses for KFC and McDonalds, so you could write to them about your concerns.

Today we have received many reports from members that your emails are "bouncing back." We know these email addresses worked yesterday and don't know why they are not working now, but would like to offer you an alternate way to contact these chains. Both KFC and McDonalds have a "Contact Us" form on their website which may be the most stable form of contact at this time.

Please take action by doing the following:
  1. Highlight the following letter, and click "copy."

  2. Go to the McDonalds and KFC comment websites:

  3. Click "paste" to put the letter in the restaurants' comment box.

  4. Complete the rest of the restaurant comments' procedure.

And to make your comment doubly effective, print off a copy of the letter below and give it personally to the manager of your local KFC and McDonalds. Show these corporate giants that you won't be silenced -- and that you will hold them responsible for the programming they sponsor!


Your Sponsorship of '90210'

Your commercial spot appeared in the CW's premiere of 90210 on September 2nd. The program presented a teenage boy receiving oral sex from a classmate in his high school parking lot. This scene was shown in the program's first few minutes, and aired just after 7:00 p.m. (Central and Mountain time) -- the beginning of the Family Hour, when many children are watching television.

Did you or your agency pre-screen this program prior to committing your ad dollars to underwrite this irresponsible portrayal of children? If this is not what the network told your company it was buying, I urge you to demand a full refund, and make clear your displeasure with the CW for showing graphic sex in the Family Hour.

All advertisers who sponsored the two-hour program are accountable for its message to young people.

Will you continue to support negative portrayals of our youth, or can concerned parents everywhere count on your corporation to support positive stories of children and teenagers?


Parents Television Council - 707 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 2075 - Los Angeles, CA 90017




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