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766 Callers Feb. 7th, 2008
8 hour conference call March 6, 2008 (9pm until 5am eastern)
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Thursday 5-29-08   9pm (eastern)   8pm (central)   7pm (mountain)  6pm (pacific)
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Bob Schulz
Taking the Revolution to YouTube & Google:
The Profound Plan For Freedom
The profound Plan put forth by WTP to continue Ron Paul's peaceful Revolution through civic action has now been posted as a video on and Google Video.

PART 1 is approximately 10 minutes. PART 2 is just over 5 minutes.

PART 1: YouTube:

PART 2: YouTube


Please forward this article to all your email lists and also consider providing links to,
or embedding these important videos in the websites you control.

You are the Freedom Keepers. Let's make these videos go "viral" and bring our profound Plan to reclaim Freedom and restore Constitutional Order to the hearts and minds of all the People.

 Ron Paul & Steven Vincent
The march to Minneapolis: By Steven Vincent 

Dr. Paul loves the idea of a Freedom Walk to the Republican National convention host city and has agreed to lead us into the city for the last portion of the Walk!

Can you envision Dr. Paul leading a peaceful, organized force of 25,000 friends of freedom into the city, converging at a rally where a like number of liberty lovers are gathered? It turns out that Congressman Paul has been planning for and is very desirous to see a substantial rally in Minneapolis coincident with the RNC. The idea of a Freedom Walk dovetails very nicely with the campaign's plans for a big rally. It also coincides with Ron Paul's plan to announce at that place and time his new Foundation which will carry the Freedom Movement forward after the RNC.

Dr. Paul is also very adamant that this be a peaceful, non-violent, positive exercise in Freedom. He has often spoken of the example of Gandhi and non-violent civil disobedience. The proposed walk would be roughly the same distance and take the same number of days as Gandhi?s Salt March.

Marc Scibilia        

(From: NY TIMES ARTICLE May 25, 08)  With young voters comes youthful enthusiasm. "This is the message of the Beatles, the Dylans of the world," said Marc Scibilia, a 21-year-old songwriter from Buffalo, referring to Mr. Paul's platform. Mr. Scibilia posted a video of his Paul-themed song, "Hope Anthem," on YouTube, and this summer he will lead a 28-city "Freedom Tour" featuring other musicians. Mr. Paul's message of freedom and peace is "an ancient message it inspired people in the 60s and 70s," Mr. Scibilia said. "I want to bring back that era of magic."
Isreal Anderson                     
The Freedom Tour
Marc will give us the latest news:
June 08 - Atlanta, GA
June 09 - Asheville, NC
June 10 - Charlotte, NC
June 11 - Nashville, TN
June 12 - Memphis, TN
June 13 - Houston, TX (Republican State Convention)
June 15 - Austin, TX
June 16 - Dallas, TX
June 17 - Roswell, NM
June 18 - Phoenix, AZ
June 19 - San Diego, CA
June 20 - Los Angeles, CA
June 21 - Ashland/Medford, OR
June 22 - Portland, OR
June 23 - Seattle, WA
June 24 - Boise City, ID
June 25 - Salt Lake City, UT
June 26 - Fort Collins, CO
June 27 - Boulder, CO
June 28 - Kansas City, MO
June 29 - St Louis, MO
June 30 - Chicago, IL
July 01 - Pittsburgh, PA
July 02 - Philadelphia, PA
July 03 - Providence, RI
July 04 - New York, NY
July 05 - Boston, MA
July 06 - Connecticut
July 12 - Washington, D.C.
40 Federal Liberty Candidates running for Congress or Senate
Best wishes,
Dede Farrell
Portland, OR
Steve Harris
Charlotte, NC

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Our government's sick.  Our country needs a doctor ... not a lawyer.

Ron Paul for President 2008!

"Lord I have no plans of my own save those you shall reveal to me."  - Dean Fagerstrom, The Mission of Anglion"




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