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Newsletter from [PROVE] Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education

May 10, 2007


Vaccine Induced Autism

This note is from my friend and colleague Barbara Labrecque - Vaccine Induced Autism is a reality and here are her 2 children's stories. This is good for parents to see and read whose doctors tell them this kind of thing is just a "coincidence". -DR]

Yesterday evening, May 9, 2007 our local news station, WETM 18 NBC, aired a story about our children's vaccine-induced autism (Autistic Enterocolitis). For one week prior to the news report, they aired commercials on the radio and TV about our children's vaccine injuries. Just as we were preparing to distribute full coverage the abbreviated write-up was already making its way through some circles in the Autism community. We believe the video of what was aired is far more important and powerful than the very limited write-up.

The reporter, Zach Miller, the news station, and the network covered our family's story fairly and without personal discrimination. We know they did the absolute best job they could, considering the pressures we all know they are under. The reporter was motivated to get the message out that vaccines (all of them) contain hazardous ingredients and vaccine injuries are more common than indicated. He also wanted parents to be aware of the harm that our only local pediatrics office has caused children because of their neglect.

The story cited good research and resources and Zach ended by noting that parents should make an "informed choice" about vaccinating their children.

He also requested that people read Jonny and Sierra's story and view pictures depicting what has happened to them.

Jonny and Sierra: Vaccine Induced Autism: 

Here's a video that shows some of our story that aired on WETM 18, NBC: 
(there might be a commercial that comes on first, before the story)

Here is an abbreviated, written version of the story as posted on the station's web site: 

The news station is already hearing from detractors. It is important that they know they did the right thing. Please contact them to show your support. It is probable they will come under heavy pressure from those who benefit from mass vaccination.

Scott Nichols, News Director, WETM 18, NBC 

Zach Wheeler, Anchor/Reporter 

Please distribute or re-distribute this message in hopes to gain support for our local news station since they were willing to give this "controversial" topic so much recognition.

Thank you,

Barbara and Butch Labrecque
Vaccine Autoimmune Project (VAP)

Funding science and care for the inflicted 
Barbara Labrecque
Butch Labrecque
Ray Gallup



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