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Police Deliberately Fire Cabin, Execute Suspect
by S. Daily Warren

There’s no possibility for mistake this time. This isn’t swamp gas reflecting off of Venus or some befuddled accusation by a crazed “witness” revealed under hypnosis. These are the facts, and as a journalist of more than 15 years experience I know reportable facts when I see or hear them.

I also know what a story looks like, and when the call came in on Tuesday afternoon about the stand-off at the cabin I went into work mode. Every radio goes on, separate televisions were set to major news channels providing live feed and my old friends at were retransmitting the scanner feed picking up the police radios. I even doubled up, listening to the same feed from another source, just to get the facts straight. Then I transcribed everything I could.

The multi-jurisdictional task force swarming Big Bear early Tuesday afternoon methodically and systematically set fire to the cabin where they admittedly believed suspect Christopher Dorner was holed up. And as much as I despise to even remotely sound like Alex Jones, and believe him to be as far from journalism as the east is from the west, his people are at least making an effort to cover the story.

Listening to the multiple scanner feeds with the live coverage in the background, I distinctly heard one of the officers at 3:49pm say clearly, “We’re going ahead with the plan on the burner. Just like we talked about.”

At 4:12pm, “embedded” reporter Carter Evans who found himself on the proper side of the police barricade erected to prevent reporting just like this, reported, “I hear shots. There’s smoke rising from the cabin. There’s 2 more. They’re firing tear gas into the cabin.”

2 minutes later he announces that he hasn’t heard any return fire in about an hour and a half, which is interesting because he later reports that the suspect was using a sound suppressor on his weapons.

At 4:14pm I hear the same officer’s voice who first mentioned the burners say, “Copy, 7 burners deployed. We have a fire.”

One minute later another officer broadcasts, “Be ready on the north (or 4?) side. We have a fire at the front. He might come out the back.”

At 4:16pm that same officer broadcasts, “We have one side fully engulfed.” This was followed immediately by Carter Evans stating that the white smoke reported earlier might not be tear gas after all.

From that moment on the police on site made no bones about letting the cabin burn to the ground, answering repeated calls from firefighters standing by to hold their positions, citing the fire’s self-containment and the danger of ammunition cooking off. The firefighters wanted to go in and fight the fire. It’s what they do. The police, however, have a different purpose and they successfully executed that purpose with precision and diligence. They were there to get bad guys, and bad or not they got him.

In a post-incident interview, star-of-the-hour Carter Evans of KCBS and KCAL, also reported that police used a “tractor” (most likely an armored vehicle) to partially demolish the cabin, pumping tear gas into the structure all the while.

The parallels with Waco, Texas are inescapable but there are other matters of import such as the background voices in a news feed, presumably law enforcement, yelling to “Burn the mother****** down!” along with other expletive-laced outbursts of rage. KCAL was broadcasting scanner feeds live and the reporter stopped and listened along with the audience as the male voices raged in the background, offering only a feeble “Police officers understandably upset…” as her version of an explanation for the content of the broadcast.

The other salient facts of this case – the reopening of the Dorner issue by the LAPD, the injuries to law enforcement and civilians attributed to Dorner – are all over the news for the world to see, but as has become the habit of the mainstream media of late they are ignoring the glaring facts and are devoid of the courage to ask the important questions. San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Cindy Bachman, when asked by the pet press standing by awaiting scraps from their master’s hand, repeatedly stated 2 things. 1.) They didn’t know how the fire started. That’s a lie. That’s not true. Their radios obviously work. They heard the broadcast about the burners being deployed just as I did. 2.) She stated categorically that they, the police, believed the occupant of the cabin whose charred remains were hauled out in the immediate aftermath, were those of suspect Christopher Dorner.

So they believed Dorner was in the cabin, they set it on fire, then held back the pumper trucks until the evidence and the suspect were destroyed. Matters of undeniable fact.

There is no logical disconnect here. It’s plain and obvious. We who are not in law enforcement, us non-professionals who tag along and often misinterpret what we hear and see, have a complicated technical term for this kind of behavior. It’s called murder. There was to be no trial and the police on scene acted as executioners for an alleged cop-killer, and some with no small amount of enthusiasm. Then they lied about it to the press. We rank-and-file folks have a more clever term for that bit of chicanery, and we call it “testalying”. It’s an old trick that never fails because of police immunity, both on the stand and on the air.

Apparently, law enforcement has policies in place that not only allow criminal behavior on their part that complete upends the very purpose of our criminal justice system and undermines our form of government, but they’ve also learned how to get away with it. It is gross corruption disguised as policy, and I highly doubt that such behavior is confined to California.

But don’t take my word for it. The audio containing the “burners deployed” statement can be found here:

The audio of the outburst by, again presumably, law enforcement personnel crying out for the suspect to be burned alive can be found here:

I have of course made copies of these transmissions because evidence of misdeeds by authorities routinely disappears from the internet. I have been a supporter of law enforcement all my life and it’s no easy thing for me to professionally accuse any LE agency of murder, but in this case even a blind man could see it. Fortunately for the LAPD and San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department, including the California Highway Patrol and other agencies associated with this inhuman massacre and travesty of justice, dead men don’t testify.

S. Daily Warren has been a full-time and freelance reporter and editor for over 15 years. He currently works for a rural Missouri newspaper and his weekly column can be found online at:

Dorner Cabin Burn...

4:43pm – 3-5 minutes of periodic demands from dispatch “Do we have an open mike?”

5:47pm - “Blood splatters in the far corner…mattresses piled up against the bed…”

5:49pm - “We’re going to go ahead with the plan on the burners. Just like we talked about.”

5:53pm – (KCBS) One sheriff’s deputy confirmed dead.

6:12pm – (on site reporter, presumably Carter Evans of CBS LA) “I hear shots. I see smoke rising from the cabin. There’s 2 more. They’re firing tear gas into the cabin.”

6:14pm (on site reporter) “We really haven’t really heard any return fire in about an hour and a half now.”

6:14pm “Copy, 7. Burners deployed, we have a fire.”

6:15pm – Be ready on the north side. We have a fire on the front, he might come out the back.”

6:16pm – “We have one side fully engulfed.”

6:16pm -  (on site reporter) “That white smoke reported earlier might not be tear gas after all.”

6:17pm – “Police are standing by, weapons drawn, but they’re not moving in. There are no fire rescue crews here in sight. The flames are burning completely out of control right now. No police officer is moving. They’re just standing there with guns drawn letting it burn.”

6:19pm – “Control to 61, shots fired from inside the residence. All perimeter units, stand by.”

6:20pm – (KCBS) 2nd San Bernadino deputy currently in surgery but expected to recover.

6:22pm – (Fox News) Ammunition exploding inside the cabin.

6:25pm – “Control to 61, fully engulfed now.” / “Copy, 61, fully engulfed.”

6:26pm – (on site reporter) “There is a possibility, a small possibility, he may have escaped. There are some tracks leading to a corral nearby.”

6:28pm – “Do you want us to start putting water on it as soon as the roof caves in?” / “Copy, 10. We’re not quite there yet, I’ve still got one corner that’s vulnerable.” / “Copy, we’ll start putting water on it about 200 yards back and wait for your call.”

6:31pm – “Control to 61, we still have ammo going off in the fire.” / “61 Lincoln, copy.”

6:35pm – “61 Lincoln, we just had an open mike, some kind of commotion. We’re checking this out.”

6:36pm – “Break, 61 Lincoln, 61 Charlie, you ready for fire?” / “That’s a negative. I still have ammo popping.”

6:37pm – “System, 61, you can see how it’s containing itself pretty well. I still don’t have adequate penetration on that far corner yet.”

6:42pm – “Copy, 61, corner 3-4 is fully engulfed.”

6:42pm – “61, I’ve learned the cabin has a basement and I’m going to let the fire fully heat the space beneath the cabin.”

6:44pm – “31, copy, we’re not ready for you yet we still have ammo going off.”

6:44pm – “13, did you copy that?” / “Negative.” / “We have a firefighter that was raised in that building and he says the basement is 15 by …” / “Control, copy that. Can you ask if the ceiling of the basement is wood or concrete?” / “Copy that (pause). Be advised the ceiling of the basement is wood.”

6:45pm – “Control, 61 Charlie, which end of the house is the basement at: north, east or west?”

6:47pm – “61 Lincoln, they’re advising the west side.” / “That’s the side that isn’t penetrated by fire yet, thank you.”

6:49pm – “John, standing by for your request for fire, whenever you’re ready.”

6:50pm – (probably fire dept.) “You guys out there around back, you just hold back. It’s real self-contained at the moment.”

6:51pm – “Control, we have green smoke or gas that is coming out now.” / “Copy that. Is it thrown by the suspect?” / “Uh…it was either thrown out or blown out.”

6:52pm – “61 Lincoln, we’ve got good penetration on that corner 3-4. The fire is self-contained and doing quite well. I’m going to let it go.”

6:53pm – “61 Lincoln, uh…we’re getting information that there’s a propane tank nearby.” / “Copy that. It’s not near the fire.”

6:54pm – “Go ahead, Tim.” / (very garbled) / “10-1, can you repeat that?” / “Repeat, there is a propane tank at the rear of the building and it is hot.” / “Copy that.”

6:55pm - “61 Lincoln, 62 Sam wants to know how many feet the propane tank is away from the fire at this point.” / “Um…70 yards.” / “Copy, 70 yards. Thank you.”

6:57pm – “Open mike.” (woman’s voice) / “Open mike.” / (background, woman’s voice) “…they were getting their information before we were…” / “Open mike. Open mike at the press conference.”

6:59pm - “We’re getting good penetration right now. There might be a gas line burning in there with some gas in it, but it’s good for now. Very well contained, we’re going to let it go.”

7:01pm – “I’m putting together a team right now to cover the garage and the building next door. Stand by.”

(sometime between 7:01 and 7:12PM the internet site ceased their re-transmission of the scanner feeds. Local live coverage by CBS LA followed at:

7:12 pm – (Cindy Bachman, spokesperson for San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department speaking to CBS LA) “I don’t know how the fire started.” (then stated that they believed Christopher Dorner to still be in the cabin)

7:26pm – (CBS LA news ticker) Cabin fire started shortly after tear gas fired into building.

7:31pm – (from the live feed from CBS LA) Live helicopter footage shows flames burning down to coals. At least one emergency vehicle is on site, lights flashing, not a fire truck.

(at some point live helicopter feed ceases, KTLA Sky5 says the helicopters went home as darkness fell)

7:48pm – (from the live feed from CBS LA, ticker) Law Enforcement tells AP Dorner never came out of building.

7:51pm – (from the live feed from CBS LA, ticker) Single shot heard inside before cabin engulfed in flames.

(approx) 8:30pm – LAPD confirms Dorner is dead.

9:10pm – they brought in a tractor with a battering ram to apply the tear gas (Carter Evans). We were 50’ from the cabin. They thought we were civilians, telling us to get out of the way and run. A deputy basically covered for me while he ran me 10 cars back.
(could hear bullets whizzing past)
(recording with his cell phone, says he didn’t have a signal, deputy took him back to the car and he got a phone that did work)
Carter Evans, CBS2 News, reporter

9:19 CBS2 News, Dorner using a suppressor on his gun
9:24 CBS2 News, cabin burned for at least 2 hours

10:03pm – Andy Smith, LAPD. No body recovered, no body identified. Fire still too hot.

“Burn him out!” -

Lt. Patrick Foy, CA Fish and Wildlife, KTLA-5, 11:00pm
- one warden fired shots
- suspect in purple Nissan
- 5 wardens saw suspect, one close enough to recognize face
- 6 wardens originally assigned to manhunt
- 1 warden returned fire with rifle

Copy of live feed “burners deployed”:

Live News Snapshot: The Dorner Standoff
by S. Daily Warren





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