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By: David Deschesne
In 2009, the U.S. Army commissioned Randís Arroyo Center to publish a report on the possibilities of creating a Stability Police Force (SPF).
According to the report, an SPF would be a military police cloaked as civilian law enforcement, using quasi-military officers/personnel who employ military tactics and exist/function with a currently existing civilian federal law enforcement agency in order to circumvent the Posse Comitatus Actís prohibitions against using military personnel to engage in civilian law enforcement with what are otherwise full-fledged military personnel engaging in civilian domestic law enforcement on behalf of the federal government; functioning as a military unit would, without the military label.
A force of up to 6,000 troops, the SPF would appear civilian, but act military, subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and sharing same rank and command structures as regular military.
It would be deployed anywhere in the world that advanced militarized policing would be needed and operate as "high-end" federal law enforcement at home, in the United States when not deployed, in order to sharpen policing skills, and maintain training and readiness. To that end, the militarized officers would work for their home agency (e.g. Marshallís service, FBI, etc.) and "assist" local, civilian law enforcement using militarized tactics under a civilian facade to get around the prohibitions in the Posse Comitatus Act.
Still under review, the US Marshallís Service seems to be the favorite home agency, picked by the Rand Center. The U.S. government is expected to adopt this model in the near future, to use militarized police against a disgruntled American citizenry, as well as to quash resistance to illegal U.S. occupations abroad.






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