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As we all know, the Feds don't like it when we get around them.
And, as we all know, oppression is escalating all around us.
Part of this escalation involves stopping people who are effective.

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The Price of Being Right





Liberty"Cracking the Code" presents a VERY viable and successful alternative to being one of the "sheeple" and paying a tax that does not even apply to most Americans.  Private-sector earnings are not considered "income" by the government, the law, and even the IRS itself, when finally placed in a corner (or reminded enough).  Thus one can imagine why the Department of Justice is dead set on nailing point man Pete Hendrickson, who brought us all this amazing information.

If Pete is indicted (as he now has been) and placed on trial and put away, the CTC information will never go beyond its current popularity, and even then, perhaps only the bravest will continue to file 1040s as they were INTENDED to be used and collect their deserved returns.  Pete is in trouble, fellow Americans!


You can read about it on Pete's website, but in his elegant and understated way, he may not make it clear enough ... for important reasons.  He feels it's vital not to scare new explorers away, which makes sense.  However, if we do not rally around Pete and keep careful tabs on what happens here, AND DONATE TO HIS LEGAL DEFENSE, the fascinating truth about income tax in
America may die on the vine.

The charge:  That defendant Pete Hendrickson (and he is being sued by us! you, me -- yes! -- "The United States of America vs. Pete Hendrickson") "[w]illfully [made] and [subscribed] any return, statement, or other document, which contains or is verified by a written declaration that it is made under the penalties of perjury, and which he does not believe to be true and correct as to every material matter."  Thus, the shameful accusation: our Point Man Pete DOES NOT BELIEVE WHAT HE IS WRITING ON HIS OWN TAX RETURNS.  That's a good one, huh?  Imagine telling someone you're going to take them to court because they don't believe their own words.  How would you prove that??

It's going to be tough, but as we know, the powers that be are good at making up the game as they go.  We have to stand by Pete and not be afraid to tell people about his book, website, and the wonderful possibilities they open up.  TPTB (powers that be) want to make us hesitate in every regard, to think we're at risk too, to stop the growing elephant of freedom in its tracks.

Who's going to read a book whose author is in trouble?  Aha!  But he's not in trouble for the content of his return ... he's in trouble for "not believing" what he wrote on his return!  If anyone can explain that, it's worth a full-page ad in USA Today.

AGAIN, SUPPORT PETE.  SEND $10 or $100 or more!  IMAGINE IF EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES CONTRIBUTED TEN BUCKS ... not only would Pete have enough for brilliant legal defense, but we might see the end of this hydra that squeezes us for a big chunk of our earnings every dratted year.  As Pete said on a recent radio show, "The income tax is a benign and lawful tax, not the voracious monster we have come to believe it to be."  A reminder: The monster has developed only because we have been fooled by the need to file millions of "information returns" -- those government forms that cause us to unlawfully rat on one another as "federal earners" and thus compel us to pay the wretched and usually inapplicable tax!


 You can click on the word "DONATE" above, or you can send a check to Pete Hendrickson at 232 Oriole Road, Commerce Twp. MI 48382.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  If Pete prevails, it may CHANGE the way income tax is understood by everyone in the United States.  If you have read and benefitted from "Cracking the Code," send Pete the price of the book ($25) again for legal costs!  At least!  Or buy the book and give it to a friend.  The only way to squish them is to do the grassroots thing and be bigger and wider and much, much more huge than they are.  And little bits of $$ from thousands of people will be terrific.

One thing readers at large may not realize is that Pete's trial will be a watershed event for all of
America.  True, you or your neighbors may never have heard of Pete Hendrickson, but his work is ground-breaking and has the potential to put to bed -- forever -- the extortion called "income tax."  Pete's first fund drive produced some $$ for his legal defense, but not enough.  PLEASE SEND MORE.  It should be your pleasure to send in even $10 -- in your own small effort to be part of a collective that not only exposes the IRS but empowers Americans to use the law to their benefit -- as it was intended.  Once again, if Pete loses in this dog-and-pony show of a trial, you will not feel good about recommending "Cracking the Code," will you ... because how can you tell your friends to file their tax returns based on what they learn from a book whose author has been convicted?  Remember -- the trial is NOT ABOUT THE WAY PETE FILED HIS TAXES.  It's about how he feels about what he wrote on the forms ... for PETE'S SAKE, you say, that doesn't make any sense!

And it does not.  But you know them.  They can say anything and make us spend a lot of money proving them senseless.  Read Pete's story of his indictment and his need for your help below.

by Pete Hendrickson

Pete Hendrickson is speaking for all of usThe "coalition of the corrupt" behind the systemic mis-application of the income tax is frantically watching its decades-old exploitation-of-ignorance-scheme collapse more and more rapidly (and irretrievably) with every new reader of 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America'.  That collapse accelerates with every new victory on behalf of the rule of law by those readers.

So, the "claim all we want, by hook or by crook" mob is reacting with a truly despicable effort to pre-emptively taint the book in the eyes of those who have not read it (while avoiding any actual dispute of what CtC reveals about the tax), and to simultaneously discourage those who HAVE read the book from standing up and acting on the truth they have learned.  This two-pronged, desperately corrupt reaction takes the form of threatening educated Americans who freely, honestly and knowledgably testify about their own activities (and do so precisely as provided for by law) with criminal charges of "not really believing" their own testimony -- when and if that testimony fails to endorse the mob's claim to the victim's property!

This slimy effort takes the exploiting class further into the depths of lawlessness than it has ever gone before, and for what?  Nothing more important than the preservation of the graft, corruption, payoff and pandering opportunities furnished to that class by a scheme in which a revenue river from our pockets to theirs becomes perpetual once it has been successfully maneuvered into life -- as long as the American people can be kept ignorant of the scheme's true nature.

Since managing to get this river flowing to its satisfaction during the distracting crises of the 1930s and 40s, the exploiting class has since just watched -- goggle-eyed and grinning-- as all that money endlessly pours into its hands.  They really like things this way, and now they'll do whatever the rest of us let them get away with to preserve this politically-insulated candy-store of a revenue stream.  Sacrificing things like the rule of law and the principles of due process don't get a moments' thought.  This crowd has always seen those as nothing but inconvenient hindrances to its ambitions anyway ...

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”  --Arthur Schopenhauer

“I didn’t say it would be easy, I just said it would be the truth.” --Morpheus

CTC UNDER ASSAULT -- A Final Escalation in the Government's Corrupt Efforts to Evade the Truth About the Tax

Six years or so ago, some IRS flunky made the mistake of his or her career in refusing to accept the return filed by my wife and me, leading to my uncovering the liberating truth about the income tax.  A year later, some higher-level IRS stooge did it again, taking me into court with allegations of "promoting an abusive tax shelter" by way of CtC, and promptly losing three quick cases and killing that issue permanently.

Two years after that, a still-higher-level thug pushed the agency and the DoJ to try to slow the spread of the truth about the tax by filing a "lawsuit" against my wife and me, in which the federal courts are asked to order us to testify to the government's specifications in order to create a pretense under which we could be held liable for taxes which even the Treasury Department's own internal records admit that we don't owe.  This has proven to be a sustained, still-ongoing embarrassment to the agency, the DoJ, and the courts (and yet another definitive affirmation of the accuracy of what is revealed in CtC).

Now another batch of these folks is daring another, and more significant, embarrassment, by charging me with allegedly having "Willfully [made] and [subscribed] any return, statement, or other document, which contains or is verified by a written declaration that it is made under the penalties of perjury, and which he does not believe to be true and correct as to every material matter."  (The details can be seen here.)

At bottom, of course, this assault is another effort by the government to evade the plain words of the tax statutes, and to do so at the expense of fundamental principles of due process. 

In a nutshell, the proposition here is that one can be punished criminally for declining to affirmatively endorse the government's self-serving pretense about the nature of the tax.  Consider: one can be punished for refraining from speaking (by "failing to file") if allegations that one has received more than the exemption amount of "income" have been made by someone on (in this case) a W-2 (and one then must also abide the certainty that whatever those allegations consist of will be taken as true and one will be taxed accordingly, suffering an adverse financial consequence for one's silence, as well).

On the other hand, these charges against me are a de facto effort to punish me for exercising my right to testify, because I didn't simply adopt and endorse the allegations made on the W-2.  The end result is the proposition that one can be punished unless one testifies to suit the government's preferences (the doing of which, not coincidentally, always results in a financial gain to the government).

Thus ...


 "But it is necessary to the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself.  Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe...  When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime."
--Thomas Paine

Imagine an America in which, say, a psychiatrist obliged to testify about someone's mental condition in a competency or commitment hearing risks prosecution for perjury if he doesn't express the opinion the government wishes to hear ...  Think about testimony in parental rights hearings ...  In legislative hearings ...  Criminal forensics ...

Nauseating thoughts, aren't they?

Now think about the doorway into that America which is opening right before your eyes, as the government makes its first attempt to get away with this kind of mind-bogglingly corrupt evasion of natural and Constitutional law, in order to compel me to endorse its claim to my property, or punish me for refusing to do so.  That's what the assault on CtC is all about.

Remember, my odyssey to uncovering the truth about the tax began with the simple proposition that I cannot be compelled to express, by way of a sworn statement on a legal document, a view that I do not actually hold.  As is discussed in the introduction to CtC, at the beginning of that odyssey I was routinely submitting tax returns of a “conventional” character, unusual only in that they contained a disclaimer by which I (and Doreen, after our marriage) declined to formally declare our earnings to be “income”, as that term is meant in the relevant law.  The government was still taking our property (and never stopped doing so throughout all of the period involved in the charges with which I am being forced to deal in this latest government struggle against the inconveniences of due process and the truth about the tax).

The IRS suddenly refused to accept our 2000 return unless we explicitly made a sworn declaration that our receipts DID qualify as “income” (after years of accepting these returns without a peep).  We refused to have that testimony dictated to us, as we did not believe it to be true.  The government’s apparent reliance on our doing so prompted my deep research into the subject, by which I learned what DOES qualify as “income”, and why the declaration sought by the government is so important to its scheme for applying the tax to receipts which DO NOT objectively qualify as “income” (obviously, in the case of receipts which DO objectively qualify as “income”, a declaration would neither be needed nor wanted).

Since then, I have merely and simply declared what I believe to be true about my receipts (which declaration necessitates rebutting contrary allegations by others of which I am put on notice by way of “information returns” -- W-2s -- lest I otherwise constructively testify to the substance of those allegations through acquiescing by silence).  The process of rebutting these allegations in a legally meaningful way involves the completion of a return, and completing a return to that effect happens to result, by a purely mechanical exercise, in a claim for the return of all withheld property.  That end result is not the purpose of the exercise, it is just a byproduct.  Speaking freely, honestly and accurately is the purpose.

What these charges are really all about is a government effort to compel me to make a declaration that I know and believe to be untrue.  Furthermore, don’t forget that I am effectively compelled to say something, since my silence (failure to file a return) in the face of allegations by others on “information returns” to the effect that I have had receipts qualifying as “income” in more than the exemption amount is treated as a criminal act (even without regard to the adverse economic effect I would be obliged to quietly abide).

This is what this outrageous case is really all about.

Of course, this case concerns the truth of the tax, as well.  The fact that hundreds and hundreds of complete refunds of withheld, paid-in and garnisheed property, lien releases, notice of deficiency closing notices, and every other kind of concrete acknowledgement possible (along with innumerable subtler acknowledgments) from the federal and more than 35 state and local governments have been continually being issued for nearly five years now to Americans across the country when they, too, have knowledgably declined to declare their earnings to qualify as “income” is simply evidence of the fact that without that endorsing declaration, those earnings do not, in fact, qualify, and that what I know and believe to be true about the tax, and explain in 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America', IS, in fact, the truth.

(In regard to these refunds, many have involved very detailed exchanges between the tax agencies and the claimants-- sometimes going on for a year or more, as anyone following my postings these cases over the years is aware.  See the Victories Highlights page and the Every Which Way But Loose series for dozens of examples.  Be sure to click on provided links relating to each posted item on these pages to see all the material and dialogue exchanged between the claimant and the tax agency in connection to these events.)

To the government, that truth about the tax is the only thing that matters.  It wants to drive that truth out of the minds of those who have learned it, and intimidate those who have acted on their knowledge into reversing themselves, by simple, crude fear; and it wants to discourage anyone else from ever learning it in the first place.

But to the rest of us, the refunds and other victories, and even the liberating truth to which they bear witness itself, are not the core issues here-- as is made clear by the fact that some of those victories involve claims of as little as a few dollars (one is only $1.00).  Nobody who has learned that truth is invoking it for the money-- they are invoking it as an exercise of their right to speak freely, honestly, and in a legally-meaningful manner in dispute of allegations made about them by others which they know and believe to be untrue.

This case is a speech, due process, and core Rule of Law case, pure and simple-- not a “tax case”.  Bluntly put, it is a "government behaving lawlessly and abusively in service to its boundless arrogance, ambition and contempt for the Constitution" case.

All real Americans will find their stomachs roiling at this embrace of raw corruption by the state.  All real Americans should be galvanized to action, as well.

 If you are, GET INVOLVED!!  DONATIONS ARE SORELY NEEDED TO FINANCE A LEGAL A-TEAM THAT CAN REALLY SLAP BACK!!  Any amount you can afford will help.  Make them here, or by mail to Pete Hendrickson, 232 Oriole Rd., Commerce Twp., MI 48382.

MORE-- Send word of this corrupt assault on freedom of speech, due process and the rule of law to everyone on your lists!!  Especially, ring the phones off the hooks at the
Institute for Justice, the ACLU, the Rutherford Institute, the Center For Individual Rights, Judicial Watch and every other organization that fancies itself a champion of liberty and the law.

Do the same with the media -- your local outlets, the national MSM and new media like,, and so on.  You may not be aware of it, but none of these folks know anything about any of this (and some that may have heard of CtC have had their impressions tainted by folks of the sort described in the current 'Tax Tip', or reflexively think "Oh, it's just that "Schiff", or "Meredith" or [fill in the blank] stuff with new clothes").

You also may not understand that YOUR bearing witness to YOUR study and independent verification of what is presented in
CtC, and of all that I have been posting here over the years, is FAR more influential with these folks than anything I can do to excite their interest.  YOU'VE got to do this, each and every one of you, or it just won't happen.

Finally, send this newsletter to everyone you know, EVEN OTHER CtC WARRIORS.  For a variety of reasons-- some doubtless benign, others perhaps not-- these newsletters are not getting to everyone on my own mailing list.  YOUR forwarding the email you just got from me announcing this update will ensure that these other folks get the news and can get involved.


P. S.  If you see posts about this subject in newsgroups, forums, etc. (or want to make them), please do me the favor of posting my comments above (with links active), or, "Pete has posted comments about this latest attack on the truth about the tax, along with some important links, at"