Truth Attack, a nation-wide organization of Freedom Movement groups and patriots, whose stated mission is "putting the government back in its box—one tentacle at a time", announced today that it has called for Congress to put the water on the fire, not on the arsonist, by suspending collection and withholding of the personal income tax.

According to Truth Attack founder and spokesman, Tom Cryer, "Americans are universally alarmed and angered by the nonchalant manner in which the federal government has been shoveling out our money—even if it is phony money—to help big business and the wealthy when it is the families, the real force that drives our society and our economy, that are the ones who are truly in need of relief." 

Cryer says that "The current bail-outs and so-called stimulus package are classic Congressional stupidity.  When a tyrant is starving his people we send grain to the tyrant.  Now, we're doing that all over again.  What is wrong with that picture?"

Truth Attack says that if Congress and the president really want to reverse the melt-down of our economy, then they should get out of the way and let the real strength of this nation, its people, take care of it.  Truth Attack is demanding that Congress suspend the withholding and collection of the income tax from working American families, effective immediately.

Truth Attack cites a number of advantages that would bring about an instant upswing in the economy:

·         Put the water on the fire, not on the arsonist.

·         The “cost” would be interest free and only a small fraction of the hand-outs Congress is making or proposing to businesses and state and local governments

·         No additional FRN’s would have to be printed, eliminating the inflationary effect of printing (and borrowing) more to reward failed policies and bad judgment (and no checks or paperwork would be required, saving millions of trees)

·         Stopping the burdensome "federal rake" off the top of every State’s economy would release the brakes and allow those economies to blossom as they should

·         Leaving earnings in the families that earned them will, without any expenditure, inject funds where they are most needed, permitting many to pay their house notes with their own money and reducing the foreclosures that are resulting from bad government policy on red zones and bad judgment on the part of lending firms and industry

·         Local, state and national economies would BOOM as a result of the weekly increases in household revenues across the country

·         Local and state tax revenues would SOAR as a result of the economic boom, permitting the States to operate without federal assistance ("Congressmen do want their States to be independent, don’t they?" Cryer injects.)

·         Federal revenues from the scores of other federal taxes would SOAR, recouping much if not all revenue lost by suspending the imposition of the income tax on working America

·         Americans will be able to enjoy the standard of living they have earned and deserve by exercising their God-given, Constitutionally protected, tax exempt right to earn a living for themselves and their families


Cryer added that these are crucial times that require Congress to reexamine the direction it has been leading the country, asking  "Where are their priorities?  With the people who elected them?  With the States they represent?  With the nation they are supposed to be serving?  Or somewhere (or worse, someone) else?"


Truth Attack is a coalition of Freedom Movement organizations, including tax honesty movement groups, Constitution-oriented groups and a number of veterans' groups who share an interest in restoring a Constitutionally limited federal republic.  It is determined to unify the freedom movement, focusing resources on one issue, "one tentacle", at a time.  The first tentacle is what Truth Attack cites as the biggest fraud perpetrated in the history of man-kind, what it claims is the illicit application of the income tax to American citizens and families. 


According to Truth Attack and many others, including the United States Supreme Court, all Americans have a fundamental, Constitutionally protected right to earn a living through their own labor.  The exercise of a fundamental right is, also according to Truth Attack and the Supreme Court, Constitutionally exempt from taxation.  Cryer points out that "The power to tax is the power to destroy.  If Congress can tax our rights, it can destroy our rights.  What is next?  A tax on going to church?  A tax on free speech?"


Truth Attack also has thousands of members, Truth Troopers, located in all fifty states.  In what Truth Attack calls "Operation Stop Thief!" Truth Troopers, joined by thousands from across the spectrum of the Freedom Movement, assembled in front of more than 700 post offices on April 15 last year, handing out information to over a half million last minute tax return filers.  OST II is scheduled to be repeated this April 15 and Truth Attack hopes to double the number of post offices covered.


Cryer is quick to point out that the ripples, the ill effects of the income tax, don't stop with the economic crippling of the American family and the States, "It has been proven beyond any doubt that the burden of the income tax is directly related to crime rates, divorce rates, frequency of child abuse and even teen pregnancy rates."  Cryer cites a comprehensive study, Income Tax Causes Crime, that Cryer says "leaves no room for doubt that suspending the illicit application of the income tax to working American families will relieve the stresses causing and aggravating those social ills."



"President Obama claims he wants to help what he calls the 'ordinary' people as well as the 'prominent' people.  This is his chance to prove that he serves both 'classes' of citizens, both the American aristocracy like the owners of the Federal Reserve and big business and peasants like the rest of us," Cryer concluded.


Source:  Truth Attack,, 4348 Youree Dr., Shreveport, LA  71105; 318 866-9966