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Replacing "Controlled" Newspapers ...

By Devvy Kidd

Back in February 2003, it was necessary for me to take the high-speed train (Acela) from Boston to Washington, DC. It was a nice ride. But one thing I noticed regarding the passengers in the four cars…..only two had laptop computers going. A few looked to be catching forty winks. All the other passengers were reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee nearby.

I thought to myself: "If only they could be reading the truth about the issues that are crushing America. If only they could be learning about the agenda that the global government has against them, instead of more manufactured ‘news’ about the same, worn-out political bickering on editorial pages and in popular columns."

I believe I have found the answer to that dilemma. It is a way in which good, patriotic people can finally make a very good living AND, at the same time, help a lot of people fight bad government. It is the best of both worlds. Being a Patriot AND making good money in the process of being a good citizen!

We constantly hear "Hold them accountable" when referring to what is known as the mainstream media (MSM), which now includes cable networks like FOX, MSNBC and CNN. How much longer can America survive nothing more than wishful thinking? These are corporate giants who rarely bend and their agenda is set.

The Internet has been the big cannon for getting the truth about our dire situation out to the American people. However, as it has grown in size to almost two BILLION pages, Americans get easily distracted with the nonsense and frequently substitute ABC Nightly News by hitting on ABC's web site. A relatively small number of conglomerates have owned the news mediums for decades now and control the content. In my opinion, they are nothing but propaganda rags.

Additionally, I don't think anyone can doubt, at this point, that efforts are underway to completely regulate the Internet and curtail its use. Because independent media has made such huge gains toward informing the country about the North American Union/SPP (and the thousand other cuts slashing 'we the people' every day) the day of regulating content is coming and more battles will begin.

Some speculate that the Internet will be shut down altogether. I don't believe that's going to happen any time soon. You see, the destroyers make boat-loads of money from retail sales on-line, as well as using the Internet to inculcate their propaganda. What they want to do is pass more hate-laws stifling freedom of speech, along with more regulations, and charge for what they define as "heavy usage."

The bottom line is, putting all your eggs into one basket can be fatal.

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