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Debut of Cabool's Community Dollar
Local merchants reject the house of cards built on the US dollar

Deep in the Missouri Ozarks, a new community currency has appeared to meet the needs of the people. Joshua Deatherage, a local contractor who wears a half-dozen hats to feed his family of four children in Cabool, Missouri, is responsible for creating the new silver based Community Dollar. And it's neither a Jed and Boys nor a Liberty Dollar venture.

As Deatherage explains, "I started thinking about a local silver currency the day after the Liberty Dollar was raided by the FBI." He was concerned that the first value based currency might not survive so his new Community Dollar is only intended to circulate in central Missouri.

After three-and-a-half years, the young monetary entrepreneur who wanted to encourage local trade and commerce in his community, reports that over 60 merchants around Cabool and Mountain Grove are now using his Silver Community Dollar.

Recently, when Deatherage stopped by the local tire shop for repairs, the owner told him that he had received $100 in Community Dollars towards a set of tires from the local bar owner. That man told him he usually went out of town to Wal-Mart, but decided to spend his local currency closer to home. The tire shop owner then used the $100 at a Cabool clothing store that he sheepishly confessed he had never visited before. This is how a local community currency grows in small town America - one transaction at a time.

So who uses the $80,000 in Community Dollars that now circulate around the central Ozark area? "Just regular folks." Deatherage says, "People use the money for a wide variety of goods and services. Around here, you can get clothing and food. And the bar and restaurants accept it, too. You can get almost anything you want or need with the silver Community Dollars."

Deatherage's new Community Dollar is available in four convenient denominations in pure .999 fine silver and a $2 copper denomination. The silver issue consists of a $50 piece that weights one Troy ounce, the $20 weighs two-fifths of an ounce, the $10 weighs one-fifth of an ounce and the $5 weighs one-tenth of an ounce. They all feature an oak tree with "Faith - Family - Freedom" on the obverse.

So who's making all the money - on the new money? It's not Deatherage, who is still scrambling with all his businesses, still gets up at 4 AM every morning and often works well into the night as an on-call plumber.

Deatherage explains that he is dedicated to the currency because it's good for the community. And like the local bank, he too wants to make some money. But it hasn't happened yet. In the beginning, he had to cover all the startup costs for the artwork, dies and, of course, the silver to get the venture off the ground. And now, the merchants make most of the money, since they get the Community Dollars at a discount off the face value and profit when they use it. Like a watchful father, Deatherage is still happy to see his currency grow, as it meets an expanding need - while the US dollar constantly loses its purchasing power.

So in addition to the government's questionable raid on the Liberty Dollar spurring interest, the depreciating US dollar is driving more people to seek protection with a value based monetary system that's in their own self-interest. Deatherage scratches his head as he wonders how the country's monetary structure could be so screwed up.

With silver on the rise - and a flyer called the "Community Dollar Newspaper" that features articles, a free listing of all the merchants who use the local currency, plus advertising - driving more merchants to Deatherage, he doesn't have much time to wonder. He's beset with more requests for more silver money. Even Quire's, an old fashioned, fifth generation general store over 70 miles from Cabool, is one of Deatherage's most devoted merchants. Many people drive 50 miles just to shop there and take home some community currency that they use in their own communities.

Deatherage always emphasizes the advantages of a local value based currency. But folks have a wide variety of reasons for using his new silver currency, beyond the facts that it's attractive and the silver retains its purchasing power. But it's the merchants that drive the local use of the currency as they get it at a discount and encourage other local businesses to protect their customer base. All this activity draws more customers, as their business becomes better known in the community. For Deatherage the benefits are simple, "The more people that use the local community currency - the better off the local economy is." And adds, "The better the money, the better off the community will be."

As Deatherage explains, "With only 20 or 30 merchants in a community, the merchants are the economy. Especially since most businesses are family owned and operated. So when a merchant goes out of business, the community declines. People then have to work and spend their money outside the community. This problem is often compounded by a loss of taxes and funding from state and federal programs for the once thriving community.

Still, the people in the Ozarks have their own down-home reasons for using the silver community currency. They are not concerned about the bailouts or the national debt. Their problems are much more personal as they strive to maintain in a down economy. They simply see the intrinsic value of silver as an appreciating currency. They cling to it as long as possible, until they have to spend it.

There is no doubt that everybody is concerned about the economy and especially the folks in and around Cabool. Even the police seem to understand the problems in the local economy and have not voiced any concerns about the merchants who have banded together and use their own silver money - that circulates outside the bank that is all but closed.

Deatherage is quick to acknowledge that there is no quick fix and that the Community Dollar is not a quick fix for the local community. But he says, "The Community Dollar is helping everybody in the community even if they don't use the new money. Whatever helps the merchants, helps the community, as most businesses are family enterprises."

Quick fix or not, Joshua Deatherage and his Community Dollar exemplify the can-do American spirit at work in the central Missouri Ozarks. Certainly, gold and silver based currencies have a long history of providing a safe harbor in times of trouble. And with silver up nearly 50% in the last year, it seems that Deatherage is not the only one who is aware of the rewards for venturing beyond the house of cards built on the US dollar.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Cabool Community Dollar is not intended to be used as United States currency and any representation as such is strictly prohibited by law.

For additional information on the Cabool Community Dollar please contact Joshua Deatherage: 417.948.1222 or

Please circulate this article and post it at will.

2. Liberty Dollar Graded by PCGS Currency!
I must admit that when I heard about this, I didn't believe it! But there it was, right on eBay, a $50 Liberty Dollar Silver Certificate that had been "slabbed" by
PCGS Currency, one of the foremost third party grading services in the numismatic industry! I was pleasantly shocked and bemused by this amazing development. Then I realized that the $50 Certificate was never issued as such by the LD org! Some quick investigative work proved that somebody had cut out the $50 Certificate from an uncut sheet and had it "slabbed" by none other than the PCGS Currency grading service. I vowed to contact PCGS ASAP to thank them for grading the Certificate, especially since it was given one of the highest grades possible. Plus, I wanted to alert them that they had graded a "TYPE II" as they may not even be aware of the originally issued, TYPE I.

Unfortunately, my crazy schedule did not support any immediate action. Very quickly, it was time to rendezvous with friends and associates at the huge FUN (Florida United Numismatics) Coin Show in Orlando, Florida that luckily is within my "permitted" travel area. So I dashed off to the FUN show without any further thought of the certified $50 Silver Certificate.

As I entered the huge bourse area of 1000 plus dealers hot with an exploding metal market, the very first person I met was Beth Deisher, the noted editor of Coin World. I could tell right then and there, this was going to be a good show! Suddenly, as I worked my way around the floor, I was shocked to see a dealer's table full of certified $50 Liberty Dollar paper certificates!!! There they were! Sitting right here. A dozen or more $50 Certificates, just like I had seen and was recent a winner of one on eBay! I looked up at the smiling dealer who was most happy to tell me that he had them slabbed!

Quickly, I mentioned to him that he must have cut them out of an uncut sheet, signaling to alert him that I might know something about the currency. Sure enough, he confirmed that was exactly what he had done. And yes, he was auctioning them on eBay too! And just about the time I was about to introduce myself, he looked at me and said, "Hey, your-the-man!" And with a wide smile, I admitted, as I look forward to doing in court shortly, that I am indeed the Monetary Architect of the Liberty Dollar.

After a brief introduction with paper money dealer, Larry Emard, he asked me if I would like to meet the person who has the largest collection "in the world" of slabbed Liberty Dollar certificates? How could I refuse such an introduction? As we dash across the bourse floor, I am amazed at the quick turn of events. All this was quickly enhanced when I meet Jeff Smith of Jeff fit the image of well-to-do, elderly numismatist with a vast array of high end, first class slabbed US currency. Jeff proved to be extremely interested in the Liberty Dollar story and peppered me with lots of questions for his upcoming article on the Liberty Dollar paper currency.

Then, Jeff asks me if I would like to meet the PCGS Currency grading service that he knew quite well as one of their prominent clients. Again, how could I refuse, especially since their booth was only a few feet away?

Unfortunately, Jason Bradford the president and owner of PCGS Currency was not available so I left my card and arranged for a future meeting. The follow morning, I had a very productive meeting with Jason who also wanted all the details of the currency that he grades. Then I had the good fortune to meet Laura Kessler, vice president of PCGS Currency, who was totally on top of the Liberty Dollar currency model. Laura proved to be a big fan of Liberty Dollar and the person who does much of the grading. .

So in the midst of just a few hours, I met all the major players involved with the amazing development of professionally graded and encapsulated (slabbed) Liberty Dollar paper currency. Obviously, more "certified" proof that the Liberty Dollar Four are out to counterfeit US currency! Just ask the experts!

Now if you have just a minute, please visit Jeff's site at where you will see the $500 Gold Certificate that I had given as a personal gift for $2479.00 plus $17.95 shipping. Available HERE, if it has not been sold. Hope you got one of these goodies, or a $1000 Gold Certificate.

3. Second Wave of Real Estate Collapse
OK, so the first wave of the down turn in the real estate market was bad. But no problem as the government et al has given away something like $1.3 TRILLION, nobody really knows the exact figure because nobody can really count that high, of phony baloney fiat bullshit dollars as they stole that same amount from the American people. No problem, everybody is happy! Right? Wrong! Record number of people are out of work. Countless are overworked as they make up for their former co-workers. Millions of retired people are without an income or their invested money has disappeared! And they will continue to suffer, probably for the rest of their lives! All this so the F!@#$#@! banksters can live well on the money the government stole via inflation, etc. OH! I forgot, we don't have any inflation. How utterly stupid of me, not to remember! Gas is still a quarter, like it was when I first started driving.

How utterly stupid of the f!@#$#@! government not get it. You would think with all "their" money and all the think tanks, somebody other than Peter Schiff would get it. With such glaring evidence, that even this Kansas Kid gets it, one would think that somebody in those ivory towers would get it. And since they don't, it makes one wonder… do they NOT want to get it. The obvious answer is YES!!! They don't want to get it because they don't want to admit that their fiat money scheme is nothing more that a MASSIVE PONZI RIPOFF of every American.

Don't let this happen to you. And don't be deceived that the First Wave is over and you can go back asleep. IT IS NOT OVER!!! In fact, it is just beginning. Please do three things: 1) Watch this quick video. 2) Continue to buy silver. 3) Tell everybody you love to buy silver until the government's monetary policy comes to its senses and cents.

Please click HERE for the Second Wave of Real Estate Collapse. Good Luck!

And click HERE to watch Peter Schiff who has been lambasted by the Wall Street, media and government BS artists because time and again his projections have been right on target just like the Gun Dollar.

4. Contact with the Secret Service?
Have you even been contacted by the Secret Service regarding the Liberty Dollar? Maybe you were a RCO or a Liberty Associate and you contacted the Secret Service regarding the legality of the Liberty Dollar or that you asked them for an opinion? Regardless of what the occasion may have been, if you have had any contact with the Secret Service regarding the Liberty Dollar, PLEASE email the particulars to me ASAP. Please send the time, date, location, subject of contact and most importantly the name of the contact, to the best of your abilities. Any other info would also be greatly appreciated and could be very significant to the Liberty Dollar case. Please take a moment and reply to this URGENT call for help. Please send info to: Thank you.

5. Judge Rules Gold must be Returned
On January 5, 2010, Texas federal district Judge David C. Godbey ruled that $21.2 million in gold coins and bullion must be returned to more than 200 of R. Allen Stanford customers. Currently Stanford is jailed and accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of promising inflated returns to about 28,000 investors holding certificates of deposit on his Antiguan bank as part of a $7 billion ponzi scheme. Please click
HERE for that article.

Yes, at first this article appears good news for the Liberty Dollar Four and the thousands of Liberty Dollar supporters whose property was seized in the FBI raid. Especially since the Judge rules that gold must be returned to its owners before the criminal trial even gets underway. But this action does not apply in the Liberty Dollar case because the DOJ has charged the Liberty Dollar Four with counterfeiting, so the DOJ has the law on its side and does not have to return anything until after the trial. Now, don't you feel better knowing you are protected from such obvious counterfeiters like the Liberty Dollar Four?! This is such obvious bullshit that rightfully angers everybody who has taken a look at the Liberty Dollar. Except the know-it-all government that told us in the 60's, "Don't you understand? We had to destroy the village so it could be free." Remember, regardless if the LD4 are convicted or acquitted, all property held by Liberty Dollar supporters will be returned, eventually. I apologize again that you have been deprived of your property. Please come to the trial and let the court know how you feel!

6. US Mint Set Record for Silver Eagles
Please note, the one ounce US Silver Eagle market is exploding!

Sales of 2007 Silver Eagles: 9,887,000 ounces
Sales of 2008 Silver Eagles: 19,583,500 ounces
Sales of 2009 Silver Eagles: 28,766,500 ounces
Sales of 2010 Silver Eagles: Could be incredible!

And remember people love to buy silver when it is expensive. So the higher the price of silver - the more people buy more silver. Only one of many reasons why I have been soo bullish on silver for 35 years. Now is the time for silver! Hope you have some.

7. Update on Kevin
Thank you for your affidavit for Kevin to get out of jail!

My latest info on Kevin Innes is that he is still in the Lenoir jail. Still sitting in a 65 degree cell without shoes or socks. You just gotta love this guy who embodies the spirit of optimism regardless of the situation, even now. Thank God, Kevin has a very strong inner self and can focus within, meditate and practice yoga.

We are currently awaiting word from Kevin's immigration attorney regarding her efforts for ICE to release Kevin from immigration hold so he can apply for an appearance bond and get out of jail and join the Liberty Dollar Four defendants.

Our heart and prayers go out to Kevin as we work to get him out ASAP. Kevin still needs reading material to fill the time, but can only receive books directly from a bookseller, so a file or something "dangerous" can't be slipped in the package! Kevin has asked for spiritual or inspirational books and especially a (used) copy of Atlas Shrugged from! Don't know what to send? Just order your favorite book online and have it send directly to:

William Kevin Innes
2351 Morganton Blvd. SW
Lenoir, NC. 28645

Kevin can also receive Postal Money Orders directly in his mail. Please send a short letter to Kevin and let him know you support him with $10 or $20, as he has to pay for toilet paper and other basic niceties of life in jail!!!

8. The Liberty Dollar Book
This brief article directing people to post a review on the book has been deleted by my CJA attorney. Sorry.

9. Legal Update
I wish I had an update. To the best of my knowledge, there has been no action while we wait for the DOJ to cough up the streamed down version of the 1.8 million docs of Discovery material. As you may recall, the Liberty Dollar was warned in 2006, raided in 2007 and the Liberty Dollar Four were finally arrested on June 4, 2009. We are now NINE MONTHS into this "federal case" as a result of a rogue FBI agent with no end in sight. Currently, the trial is now scheduled to start on March 1st, but without the Discovery and no defense plan in place, there is no way it can start on March 1st. So please stay tuned, I will let you know ASAP when something happens. Until then, steady as she goes. Support your favorite currency, keep buying silver and be happy.

Closing Remarks:
As the war of nerves wears on, I feel very good about the legal developments. I feel confident that our defense team will prevail and the Liberty Dollar Four will be acquitted! I know that the odds are against us as the government wins over 98% of all federal cases. But that is because 90-95% of all defendants cop a plea. But this time the government MUST prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Liberty Dollar Four are guilty and had criminal intent among many other points of law. This is just not going to happen and the government is going to lose this one!

Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" that will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor






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