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Diane Fleming Information by Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum

Diane Fleming's story aired on national television June 23, 2009 - Women Behind Bars

Many are familiar with the Diane Fleming story. She is in the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, the aspartame documentary:

Diane's husband was a heavy aspartame diet pop user, and kept it stacked up in the garage. He consumed it with other products and drugs that interacted. He used 8 to 10 cans of diet pop a day. When he died the physician said it was from methanol poisoning, and told Diane to call the police which she did. She took 3 lie detector tests and was told she passed and she answered truthfully. She worked with the police and at the time she had no idea aspartame contained free methyl alcohol. Yet she was indicted. They found a bottle of sealed windshield wiper fluid with methanol in the garage with nobody's fingerprints but a detective.

The last thing that Fleming drank was Gatorade with three times the amount of Creatine. The first time use of Creatine is often called a Creatine blast, and this was the first time he used it. When the police arrived at Diane's home she told them "this is the last thing he drank". They found methanol in it. They did a test on the windshield wiper fluid mixing it with Gatorade and found it was not this product. It was called in and never written or given to the court
or Diane Fleming would never have been convicted. Aspartame incidentally interacts with Creatine.

Diane herself was also using aspartame and suffered migraines, in fact, but never associated it. She was a basket case at being indicted so her doctor put her on Zoloft. Aspartame and Zoloft interact and make you like a zombie. Since there was no evidence to convict Diane the jury was asked why, and said it was because she could show no emotion. This was the effect of aspartame and Zoloft.

Her appeals ran out and finally a toxicologist by the name of Dr. Al Bayati was asked to do an investigation. Here is his complete peer reviewed report:

Dr. Al Bayati found that the actual cause of death was the Creatine, the last thing that Charles Fleming drank. Diane has been in prison all these years innocently. She is a lovely lady, a Sunday school teacher who helped the homeless, a very charitable person. Even the
police would not indict her. She was indicted by a grand jury. You know the old attorney joke, "A grand jury would indict a ham sandwich". I personally talked to the detective she worked with and he said, "Diane is not guilty. I would have stopped the indictment but was promoted and couldn't." He said he couldn't have lived with himself if he had sent an innocent woman to prison.

Diane told me her mother-in-law who Charles didn't get along with kept making calls, wanted the insurance and custody of her only grandchild, Megan. She has not brought Megan to see her mother in years and won't allow her to know her mother is innocent. It is such a tragic story. If we can forward this information around the world and get enough people involved, and with the program we pray Diane will be freed.

On the note of aspartame and creatine I saw a patent where aspartame is being added to creatine. Consider how many more will die if we don't get aspartame off the market. Several doctors wrote affidavits. One thing we know is that Charles Fleming killed himself. Diane once
said she told Charles it was dangerous to use all these different products. With three times the amount of Creatine he said, "More is better". A couple of days later he was dead. Diane Fleming's best friend, Betty Rickmond, who has worked all these years to free her said from the beginning it was probably the creatine blast.

I do want the public to know aspartame consumers can die from acute methanol poisoning from aspartame. Merry Kay Protheroe was diagnosed with acute methanol poisoning. She wrote the police were there and she knew if she had died they would have gone after her husband. Unfortunately Merry Kay who wanted so bad to live did pass away in 2008.
She was already compromised with diabetes which aspartame can precipitate. It simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, causes diabetics to go into convulsions, interacts with insulin and the methyl alcohol causes them to lose limbs. (Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D. diabetic specialist,

Dr. James Bowen explains how it happens. " Methanol from aspartame, although immediately poisoning you, doesn't instantly elevate detectable blood methanol levels because first it is metabolized within cells into formaldehyde and formic acid which attack the mitochondria within those cells, especially the liver. Blood methyl alcohol levels rise subsequently. Formic acid is fire ant venom. These tiny insects can kill humans weighing millions of times more
than they.

"Only after longer aspartame usage does liver damage cause blood methanol levels to measurably rise because the liver mitochondria are so damaged that the liver no longer quickly processes either methyl or ethyl (drink) alcohol. Then the acute methanol poisoning is directly measurable from lab results, as the blood methanol level elevates. This entire sequence or "toxic axis" begins with your very first dose of aspartame. Both acute and chronic poisonings from this methanol toxic axis, and other additive and synergistic aspartame poisonings, steadily accumulate in the aspartame consumer."

Amy Baio is another aspartame consumer who was diagnosed with acute methanol poisoning.
Dr. H. J. Roberts in discussing the addiction of aspartame explains that the methanol causes chronic methanol poisoning. This affects the dopamine level of the brain and causes the addiction.So even though Charles Fleming actually died from Creatine he never had a chance
because of his lifestyle. He was athletic and played basketball and Doctors Russell Blaylock and H. J. Roberts have written about sudden cardiac death from aspartame in athletes. Diane Fleming shouldn't be in prison another day and we hope more will come to help so she can be
reunited with her daughter.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599,  and

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