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In Memory of Dr. Stanley Monteith

the The entire Power Hour staff sends condolences out to
Dr. Monteith’s family. Even though he has left us, his
memories and legacy will forever live in our hearts.

How To Continue To Listen To Matt Shea Taking Over For
Dr. Stan Monteith on the
American Christian Network (ACN) Radio Network

Matt Shea, whom Dr. Stan selected to host his Tuesday 4pm Pacific program, takes over as the host on Dr. Stan's 4pm Pacific program on the ACN network beginning today, October 1st. The program will be live as it was with Dr. Stan and you can phone in and participate. It will then be rebroadcast at 9pm Pacific time, weekdays.

Matt will only be heard on the ACN network for the month of October. So if you listened to Dr. Stan on a station not affiliated with the ACN network, you can continue to listen via the internet and this email will show you exactly how to do so.

Fortunately I live in a state that has local radio stations that are affiliated with the ACN and LBS national radio networks. ACN and LBS have local over the air local stations that can be heard in Eastern Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Northeastern Oregon.

However, you can now listen to and enjoy many of the outstanding ACN and LBS Network programs which are not available to you where you live on a local radio station. You CAN listen to ACN and LBS networks on your computer, iPhone, iPad, other major cell phones, tablets, and any regular telephone.

Here is how you can listen to both the ACN and LBS (Liberty Broadcasting System) radio networks on your computer, iPhone, iPad, other major cell phones, tablets, and any regular telephone.

Simply click on the microphone to the right and it will take you to a short video that will show you exactly how to listen on your computer.

You will also want to download the free ACN and LBS network Apps so you can listen on your iPhone, iPad, and other major cell phones and tablets.

Here are the instructions on how to download the free ACN and LBS Apps.

The instructions are designed for the iPhone and iPad but most other cell phones will work as well. You simply go to the Play Store on the android cell phones.

First, find the blue APP store icon on your iPhone . Touch the App Store icon.

At the bottom of the screen, touch Search. The Search line will appear at the top of the page. Type in ACN and touch Search at the bottom of the page.

A large number of icons will appear from different Apps that use the letters ACN. Scroll over until you find the ACN icon as pictured to the left. Click on Free and then Install. Once the ACN app is installed, it will appear on your phone and all you need do is touch the icon and within a second or two the live ACN network audio will begin playing.

Your iPad is about the same with one exception. Click on the black App icon. At the top right will be the search line. Type in ACN.

Some ACN icons will appear but you will NOT see the ACN one as pictured to the left.

On the top line of the page, touch iPad Only.

A drop down menu will appear and you will see, in most cases, iPad Only is checked. Below that you will see iPhone Only. Touch the iPhone Only line.

Immediately a new page of ACN icons will appear and you will see the new, black and white ACN icon with the large white ACN letters. After you have downloaded the ACN App, go back and repeat the steps and type in LBS in the Search line.

Touch Free and then Install as you did on your IPhone. The LBS app is also black with large LBS white letters.

If you have any problems, the ACN network has trained people who will assist you. Simply email them at:

To see the list of over the air radio station affiliates of ACN, click on the link below and then click on Affiliates.






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