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Read George Freund's Comment regarding the Man arrested near G20 site:
That's it. There's no real men left. The male of the species has left the planet. I remember as a lad seeing an atlas in school. There were maps of Canada. We exported natural products. One of our biggest industries was logging. At first men used axes. Today they use chainsaws. Of the thousands and thousands of police I guess none have done a real man's job the LUMBERJACK. You use chainsaws. They don't run on gopher spit or nail polish. They use gasoline. You carry gas in a gas can because it's a long way from the forest. Trees are tall. Sometimes you shimmy up. It takes a rope. It's hard to get a rope through the thick branches. A long time ago someone thought of using an arrow. Logs are big and heavy. A sledge can be a common tool to break one. Now Long Jacques Shalack the lumberjack is a terror threat. Oh yea ever carry a few tons of wood. The little item on the roof would make that a bit easier. The dog: totally vicious. They should have shot it. Adieu Canada men are gone forever.

SEE the Associated Photos:

Man arrested near G20 security site
By TOM GODFREY, Toronto Sun
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June 24, 2010 3:40pm

A 53-year-old Toronto man is under arrest after a G20 bike patrol found a cache of weapons, including a crossbow, in a car that was pulled over near the secure zone of this weekend's summit.

Officers found three arrows, containers of gas, a slingshot, chainsaw, fire axe, saws, a tire iron and other items in the vehicle.

The accused even had a large piece of plywood that police suspect was for use in scaling G20 security fences, officers said. The suspect, whose identity wasn't released by police, was driving an older model Hyundai Elantra that looked suspicious, police said.

He was in The Esplanade and Scott St. area when pulled over around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, police said.

The suspect was stopped near the Novotel Hotel where employees are on strike.

Late Thursday, police wearing rubber gloves were searching the vehicle, which had Ontario plates. The old car, which had a hand-made roof rack, was cordoned off with police tape.

Officers weren't sure if they were going to call a bomb squad to examine the vehicle.

"We are not sure if his motive was the G20," said Toronto Police Sgt. Hugh Smith. "The suspect wasn't forthcoming with information."

Police from a Hazardous Material unit were called to examine a second area that was roped off because of a possible gasoline spill.

"The suspect drove into the area and came to the attention of our officers," Smith said. "The vehicle was out of place in the area."

He said officers are working on the charges to be laid against the suspect, who is expected to appear for a bail hearing on Friday.

The investigation is continuing.






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