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Belated Declaration Day message from Pete Hendrickson

July 12, 2010
Dear Friends,
As I languished here in durance vile over Declaration Day weekend, I'm struck by the fact that what I am now experiencing is the very thing from which the CtC community works to protect themselves, their children and even their blithely ignorant and disengaged neighbors-- the unrestrained state, acting on the basis that it rightfully owns and controls everything. That's a pretty good description of how things are in a prison, as it turns out...
It was in recognition of how such things go if not attended to that the Founders did all they could to provide us with the tools to preserve our liberties and rightful supremacy as free, sovereign individuals by asserting our own claims and power over those of the state. The only thing they were forced to leave to fortune was whether future Americans would be wise enough to recognize the need, and would set enough store by their liberty and dignity to use these tools even in the face of corrupt efforts to discourage them.
Happily, it has been my privilege and pleasure to learn that the people of this great country are not wanting in wisdom, courage, dignity and self-respect, not to mention mature and loving regard for the future well-being of their children.  Once the truth of the danger is made known to them, they stand, and upon learning of the tools ready at hand, they act.  Even while the corrupt enemies of the law try to use what I am going through to frighten the CtC-educated community into silence and surrender to the outlaws, more and more Warriors stand and act, and speak and bear witness to the liberating truth and to the corruption behind the efforts to suppress that truth.  To paraphrase George S. Patton: "God, I love these fine men and women!"
Anyway, I do hope everyone will reflect for a few moments on the fact that letting the runaway state have its way in ignoring the Constitution and in claiming an ownership interest in everything is to allow an increasingly rapid slide to where my immediate circumstance becomes your and your children's' way of life.  This is not because you or your children will wind up formally imprisoned; it is because a state unrestrained by competing and jealously-guarded widespread private interests eventually makes every place within the reach of its power into a prison, and there's no end to the sentence that everyone will serve for the crimes of apathy or cowardice.  You either fight it now all the way to victory, or start living the nightmare before very much longer.
By the way (and by way of lightening the tone a bit), I'm not actually languishing, of course.  Rather, I'm vigorously working on my appeal of this contrived and unjust conviction.
I ask all of you to help as much as you can, in the best way that you can, which is by ordering and distributing copies of CtC, 'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?' and 'Upholding the Law and Other Observations', and by sending the files you'll find below to everybody possible-- especially folks in the media.  If you persist, the law will prevail.
Best Regards,






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