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Houston Homeless
Christmas Day 2015

Rolling Thunder Texas Chapter 2 would like to thank all The Power Hour Team Members for EVERYTHING
they did to help make this possible....!!!

What an amazing morning!!! So many appreciative people....more so than last year. We could tell a few were not homeless but really needed the assistance or they would not have been there on Christmas morning. We started at 9 AM and was done by all went so quick!!!! The weather was humid but not raining as predicted. One obstacle was the food. NO FOOD WAS BEING ALLOWED TO BE HANDED OUT this year. Thank goodness we were notified earlier and didn't bring much. Several Police Officers were on hand watching every move. We talked to them and they said the city just would not allow it this year. What food items we brought was given to the facility right where we were parked "Loaves and Fishes"....a place that feeds the homeless. The owners say they feed approximately 300 folks per meal :(

We only saw a few pets this year. We gave out pet food and will donate the rest to a needy home based animal rescue shelter.

Again, we want to thank you ALL so much for helping to make this possible!!!!

Getting Started.....Packaging 64 quart size zip locks full of toiletries:

Needed all the help I could get so my little grandson William volunteered: :)

Below are a few photos from Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2015 2009 Congress Ave., Houston Texas.
The temperature was in the  60's early that morning but later warmed up to around 79 degrees!!

Notice the Patrol car who stayed present the whole time monitoring that we did not hand out ANY food items nor water of any kind.

This was early and folks had just started coming to check us out...some were hesitant
at first because they couldn't believe someone would do this to help them out.

Notice again the Patrol car.... :(

The orange building in the picture is called "Loaves and Fishes"....a place that feeds the homeless daily, veterans
and non-veterans.

Gary is in the bright yellowish shirt trying to help find sizes...!!

Gary above handing out trash bags to those who needed them...we were told many use these as rain coats!!!

A big "THANK YOU" to everyone that helped to make this a great success!

U.S. Vets 2015 Christmas Party Photos:

It was a beautiful day so we set up our give away bags and raffle tickets outside!!!

Bags full of useful items were given out to all the residents!!! 

Girl Scouts came to help out!!!

There was a volunteer DJ where all were enjoying some Christmas music
while dining on a hot meal of Turkey with all the fixings.

Thank you to all who help make this possible...!!!

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U.S. Vets Christmas Celebration - December 2013

Above: Preparing vegetable trays for the their own kitchen! The Party was just starting and many were enjoying Christmas Music

Above: Photo of the new kitchen at the U.S. Vets facility

Above: The food line for the party...turkey, ham, roast beef and all the trimmings...all prepared in the NEW kitchen at the U.S. Vets facility.

U.S. Vets Facility - Houston, Texas (4640 Main St. - Houston, TX)



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