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Howard Wooldridge Bio

Howard Wooldridge was 18 years a police officer in Mid-Michigan, retiring as a detective. He graduated from Michigan State University and speaks 4 languages + horse. He is the first person in the 21st century to ride a horse coast to coast in both directions; Georgia to Oregon: Los Angeles to New York City. Due to his travels on horseback, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. His horse is the first in the new century to write a book: Misty’s Long Ride by Smooth Georgia Mist. He is one of the five founders of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Currently he is the voice of law enforcement on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Misty’s Long Ride: Across America on Horseback
By Smooth Georgia Mist (she is a female horse!)

About the Book

“MISTY’S LONG RIDE” brings another dimension to great adventure. It’s written from the horse’s perspective. Few authors walk on four legs, but Misty finds a way to bring humor, ‘horse sense’ and a feeling of adventure to the reader.

A Texas cowboy named Howard assures her they are traveling on a ‘Long Ride.’ It will take her from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. With that said he saddles her up and points Misty westward into a gathering storm. At first, she didn’t like it one bit. Her cowboy packed her too heavy. She suffered. Her cowboy learned valuable lessons. Things got better.

“Well into the ride, a kind of loneliness out in the middle of nowhere took Howard’s breath away. Sunsets dazzled with every color of an artist’s brush. They sprayed shadows across the mountains and prairies. They reflected from colossal snow-capped peaks. Each day, we broke camp before dawn and rode west away from stunning sunrises. Oftentimes, Howard turned in the saddle and shared in words what he saw in those light banners streaking across the morning sky. At day’s end, mighty thunderheads boiled into the heavens painted with gold, pink, purple and orange.”

“As good as Howard was, sometimes there was nothing he could do about our situation in the burning inferno of Utah. In that agonizing desert, a man’s mouth became so dry, he couldn’t spit. I felt the heat cook my hooves at ground level where it felt like walking along at the end of a farrier’s furnace. Above us, vultures soared in the skies searching for road kill. Howard pulled down the brim of his hat and pushed forward. I followed this cowboy because he was a Long Rider and I was his horse.”






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