Mark Schmidter sentenced to 141 days in jail for handing out jury rights flyers

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Free Mark Schmidter, Political Prisoner! On 2/21/13, Mark Schmidter was jailed for 141 days for defying Judge Belvin Perry and handing out pieces of paper on what has historically been the most "free speech zone", the courthouse steps!
On 2/21/13, peaceful freedom activist, local small businessman and honorable Army Vietnam Veteran Mr. Mark Schmidter was caged to serve 141 days in jail for handing out juror's rights information which the Judge himself has conceded is entirely accurate.

The most recent confinement occurred per an arbitrary rule a man wrote, judged, denied jury for, and sentenced under. The Judge, Belvin Perry (...
yes, the Casey Anthony case judge), acted as legislature, judge, jury and executioner. By definition, he is acting as a tyrant.

Who is the real criminal?

Mr. Schmidter is a purely peaceful activist who believes in the historically well established rights of juries to judge the law as well as the facts and also that if there is no victim, there is no crime and jurors may agree in either respect and hang a jury. Hung jury cases may be retried but one juror can "inconvenience" the process and/or of course convince their fellow jurors to all agree and acquit. Jury nullification is a well-established historically accurate and legal practice. Judge Perry even agreed when discussing the idea with Mark's friend and ally, Mr. Julian Heicklen.

Please support Mark and his tremendous personal sacrifice via the #MarkSchmiderCampaign effort. We will write letters to the State Judicial Review, all media we can think of, and not let this story die. If a 64 y/o Vietnam veteran can be thrown in jail for passing out leaflets with an opinion that is different than the status quo, then, We are All Mark Schmidter.

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