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October 12, 2009

Intro Short Bio for Dr. Michael Castle

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Dr. Michael Castle has specialized in Environmental Investigations and Research of American-Canadian and Global Air Contamination operations frequently referred to as ChemTrails…Lines in the Sky, Aerosolized Heavy metals particulates, other Class poisons, toxins, including known Human carcinogens and an infesting genetically-mutated fungal form graft with a self-replicating  Nano-technology that infests all Life Forms.  For the past 10 years Michael Castle has investigated this toxic criminal activity and consequently written numerous whitepapers that attempt to expose the specific toxicities of these air released chemicals and agents and the methodologies used thereof.  The paper, entitled:  The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth, An Environmental Overview was written in 2003.  The companion Document is a proposed Draft Law written by Dr. Castle entitled:  The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act 2008.  The only proposed Law written that would immediately halt all spraying of Chemicals or other agents into the Breathable Air Column above the United States, Canada, or as a legend document/profile acting as a global Treatise as We share the same unified Breathable Air Column.  The latest and third whitepaper authored by Dr. Castle is titled:  ‘Reversing The Systemic Origins of the Pseudo Earth’. 

Mr. Castle’s background is an Industrial Polymer Chemist going back 40 years. Attended University of Indiana, received his PhD in Honorarium as nominated by the World Natural Health Organization, (WNHO) College of Christian Works in 2003-04.   Residing somewhere in the Midwest, Michael Castle has been on numerous Radio Talk and Shortwave, Satellite and Internet accessible programs, with international research and investigative connections to similar ChemTrails criminal activities being investigated in other Countries/  Dr. Castle views most American Universities as Gov-Corporate-corrupt, for participating in the paid-for research and development that has resulted/ culminated in at least 99 % of all toxins and bio-toxins Weapons identified in aerosolized Open-Air releases, aka ChemTrails;  ChemTrails et seq are an evil and wicked weapons, as are the NWO gang.

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