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A message from Pete Hendrickson - August 4, 2010

The Good Folks At Wiki-Leaks: More Grown-Ups At Work

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.
-James Madison

People stand up, one by one, and with each arising the institutional evil against which they stand crumbles a little further. Each rising up is also a putting-down; each assertion of individual power is a diminishment of the power exercised against us in the name of the collective.

Prominent in the news this week is the 2010 version of the Pentagon Papers-- a bravely-leaked, bravely-posted collection of documents revealing a variety of disquieting facts about the military aggression being conducted in the name of the United States against people in Iraq and Afghanistan, which those benefiting from these aggressions really don't want you to know. However, since it's YOUR money being spent to pay for these ill-mannered and deadly bullyings, and YOU and YOUR children who will be blamed for allowing them, YOU need and deserve to know these things. Now you do, because each actor involved in the revelations had the sand to do what's right, despite the danger in doing so.

Make no, mistake, the leaker and poster of these revelations risk their lives in doing what they have done. The spin is that these revelations will put American soldiers in danger, but this is pure bs. Those soldiers are already in danger, because they have been sent to do what they are doing. What these revelations really threaten are the schemes of those who send American soldiers into harm's way in the first place, in order to secure energy pipelines for private interests and private benefits, to maintain massive military contracts and the associated quid pro quos, and to distract and alarm the American people into quiescence while the bonds of permanent tyranny are fastened upon them. These schemers leave bodies in their wake as a matter of routine, and would imprison or kill those behind these inconvenient leaks, or their posting on the internet, without a moment's hestitation.

Nonetheless, these brave folks-- the leaker, the poster, and anyone else who facilitated their reveleations-- have stood up, taken sober note of the looming threat to individual sovereignty and the rule of law from governmental secrecy, arrogance and ambition, and a widespread, carefully-cultivated sense among too many that "resistance to the state's lust for power is futile", and have firmly and maturely said, "Not on my watch!"

Bless them every one! Whether they know it or not, these good folks are very much part of the CtC community. They are doing what we are all about: restoring control over lives and property to the individuals to whom they belong, by fearlessly speaking truth, whether "power" likes it or not.

This Wiki-leaks story is definitely uplifting, and even though these heroes probably wouldn't know me from Adam, I thank them for acting on my behalf, just as I thank every one who rises to reclaim the power to dispose of his or her own property, by virtue of which that dollop of power won't end up being used against me or mine. There are two kinds of therapy for an unhealthy state: a proper diet and plenty of sunlight. The CtC community is already diligently enforcing the dietary discipline prescribed by the Founders for keeping the republic fit and trim, and keeping themselves and their children prosperous and free under the rule of law. Now the folks at WikiLeaks have poured on a lot of sunlight.

Go, Team!

"Put not your faith in men, but bind them down with the chains of the constitution."
-Thomas Jefferson

-Pete Hendrickson

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