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A Letter to the Iraqis - poem
(to be interchangeably used with every war after war)

"I want to explain
that I'm not the one
That I don't agree with what's going on
That this isn't in my name
that they're killing you.
But how would you understand that?
I want to reason with you
to tell you that we're not all
blood thirsty savages
on the hunt for crude
laced with flesh
but why would you believe me?
I want to tell your neighbors
that when they hear the air raid siren
when they run for their lives
and when they're praying that one of the hundreds
of cruise missiles flying over
the clear night sky won't have their name on it
that I'm crying, too.
I want you to believe me.
I want you to believe that.
That I don't want this to happen
and that it kills me knowing
it's coming and I can't stop it.
That all I can do is write
a poem that you won't see
and that it's not enough to stop them from killing you.
That they're killing me when they kill you
and nothing I do will be enough to stop it."

Scott Satterwhite



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